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Facts about Finland

A member of the EU, Finland is a modern northern country with a high standard of living, technology, and a reputation for consensus politics. The President is elected for a six-year term and the 200-member, single chamber parliament is elected every four years. The country is situated between latitude 60 and 70° and has a population of approximately five million.

The country is officially bilingual with the majority speaking Finnish, a language belonging to the unique Finno-Ugrian group, and a minority of 6 % speaking Swedish. English is widely spoken.


With its 36.000 inhabitants, Rovaniemi is the capital of the norhernmost region in Finland, Lapland. The city lies right on the Arctic Circle and at the junction of two large rivers, Kemijoki and Ounasjoki. Its unspoiled nature and proximity to excellent outdoor recreation facilities guarantee that visitors will enjoy their stay. Thousands of visitors seeking Santa Claus and the saga of midnight sun come to the town each year.

For additional information, browse http://www.rovaniemi.fi/eindex.htm



An international Folklore Festival called Jutajaiset is held in Rovaniemi during the symposium, beginning on Wednesday 10 June and ending on Sunday 14 June. The Festival takes place in the streets, in the folk musicians’ tents, folk clubs and theatres as well as on open air dance floors.


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Useful phone and fax numbers:

Symposium office324 209 324 205
Symposium Secretary 040-572 0532
Press room 324 573 324 574
Hotel Pohjanhovi 337 11 313 997
Hotel Oppipoika 3388 111 346 969
City Hotel 3300 111 311 304
Taxi 106 410
Airport taxi 362 222

Travel links to Finland and Rovaniemi

There are frequent flights to the capital, Helsinki, from many European cities as well as from the USA, Canada, China and Japan. Rovaniemi is easy to reach by plane or train. The town is situated about 800 km north from Helsinki. The flying time is one hour and Finnair has 5 - 6 flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi each day. The overnight train is a reasonable option.

Finnair is the official carrier of the symposium. For more information about flights to and within Finland, please see Finnair on the Internet.

Time and weather in Finland

The summer time in Finland is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Owing to the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream, Finland enjoys a temperate climate. The air is fresh and clean and, due to the low humidity, the climate feels less cold than the actual temperatures indicate. In June the average midday temperature in Rovaniemi can vary between 10 - 30°C. Occasional showers can be expected. A warm sweater for chilly evenings and an umbrella or raincoat are recommended. The midnight sun lasts in Rovaniemi for one month, beginning on June 6th and ending in July 7th. In early June there are no mosquitoes in Lapland.

Current weather links to Rovaniemi:
Rovaniemi Airport by Finnish Meteorological Institute

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