Wednesday 25.11.
10.00– Opening of the workshop (Timo Saksa, Dagnija Lazdina)

Session 1: Mechanized silviculture in Nordic countries

State of the art in silviculture technology in Sweden 2015-11-25, Lars-Göran Sundblad
(Ville Kankaanhuhta)

Mechanized planting in Finland, Tiina Laine

Mechanized young stand management in Finland, Markus Strandström

Culture affects management of young Scots pine stands today – what is the result after 50 years? Nuutti Kiljunen

12.30–13.30 Lunch
13.30–17.30 Field demonstration: PCT operation with “Tehojätkä” (Usewood Forest Master); Field
trip to stands treated with Naarva uprooter

Dinner at lakeside log cabin (Luke Suonenjoki Research Unit)
Free discussions


Thurday 26.11.


Session 2: Forest regeneration, drainage and management of young stands

The review of current sylviculture research in LVM, Edmunds Linde

Forest operation mechanization research activities in Latvian State Forest Research
Institute “Silava”
, Dagnija Lazdina

Preliminary data on productivity and cost of wood ash spreading in forest, Modris Okmanis

Coffee break

Forest regeneration and management of young stands in Estonia, Marek Metslaid

SeedPAD, a new and efficient regeneration method (pdf), see also video, Hans Winsa




Session 3: New ways of young stand management

Case study of productivity quality of early thinning using Vimek 404T6 harvester and
Vimek 610 forwarder compere with Latvia experience
, Agris Zimelis

Productivity and work processes of small-tree bundler Fixteri FX15a in energy wood
harvesting from early pine dominated thinnings
, Yrjö Nuutinen

Ongoing evolution of innovative systems for harvest of small diameter trees in Sweden, Örjan Grönlund

Biocontrol methods againts hardwood sprouting: case Chondrostereum purpureum, Veli-Matti Saarinen

Coffee break


Wrap-up of workshop (Timo Saksa, Dagnija Lazdina)

Discussion of future research needs and possibilities for Nordic-Baltic co-operation