Kuva: Timo Saksa, Luke

OSCAR Workshop – Mechanized and efficient silviculture

The workshop takes place at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Suonenjoki Research Unit as a joint arrangement between Luke and Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava".

This OSCAR Workshop is also sponsored by IUFRO Research Group 3.02.00 Stand establishment and treatment. Researchers and PhD-students as well as people from operational forestry and forest authorities are invited to the workshop. The objectives of the workshops are to present ongoing research in Nordic and Baltic countries and to discuss future research needs. Working language is English.

Participants that want to make a presentation should send tentative extended abstract (1–3 pages) to the organizers before 31 October (see registration form enclosed). In every session there is time for 3–4 presentations and discussions (15–20 minutes each).

More information:
Timo Saksa
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Management and Production of Renewable Resources
Suonenjoki Research Unit
email: timo.saksa@luke.fi, phone +358 0503914834

Andis Lazdiņš
Latvian State Forest Research Institute
email: andis.lazdins@silava.lv, phone +371 67942555