Promoting wood construction and forest energy

The Barents Forest Forum acts as a cooperation platform for various forest sector stakeholders, and over hundred participants are expected to the event. Contributions from business, research and development, education and administration highlight the role of forest bioeconomy in the Northern Europe, in particular wood construction and forest energy as drivers of sustainable development.

The first Forum day is featured with high level practice oriented presentations and networking, while the second day is devoted to practical demonstrations during the excursion.

The Forum is organized under the auspices of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council as one of the key events under the Finnish chairmanship.


Forests of the Barents region
Forests sector fosters sustainable development in the Barents region and increase the welfare of population, substantial proportion of which is dependent of the forest sector through employment, forest ownership and lifestyle. There are 90 million hectares of forests in the Barents region with growing stock of 8 billion m³. Annual increment of forests is 120 million m³, and fellings 50 million m³. Although 80% of the forest area and growing stock is in the Russian part of the region, half of the fellings are done in Sweden and Finland indicating big differences in the intensity of forest resources utilisation within the region.