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Workshop on Silviculture in Changing Environment

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Photo: MetlaTapani Repo.


Monday 24 of November




Welcome to the workshop
Taneli Kolström, research director, Metla

Current status of the research programme “Forests and Silviculture in the future” (pdf)                   
Timo Saksa, Metla

Soils and Water in Future Forests: Results and implications from a large research program (pdf)       
Hjalmar Laudon, SLU

Overview of the Finnish Forest and Water research programme (pdf)       
Leena Finér, Metla

News from the EFINORD (pdf)       
Mika Mustonen

Orientation for the workshop; expectations and goals

  • short discussion in groups
14.40 Coffee
15.00-18.00 Parallel sessions

Theme: Forest management and water

Waterlogging tolerance of trees (pdf)       
Tapani Repo, Metla

Searching balance for ditch network maintenance of peatlands (pdf)       
Hannu Hökkä, Metla

Rainfall run off modeling using PERSIST (pdf)       
Martyn Futter, SLU

The boundary layer of meteorology, hydrology and forestry (pdf)       
Samuli Launainen, Metla

Groundwater and silviculture (pdf)       
Sirpa Piirainen, Metla

Theme: Forest management and climate change

Maturation of Scots pine seeds in a changing environment (pdf)       
Markku Nygren, Metla

Definition of deployment areas for forest regeneration material in Finland and Sweden (pdf)   
Egbert Beuker, Metla

Tree species selection and forest management in changing climate (pdf)       
Raisa Mäkipää, Metla

The changes of conifer timberline in Northern Finland during 1983-2009 (pdf)       
Mikko Hyppönen, Metla

Effects on common forest insect pests a changing forest world? (pdf)       
Helena Bylund, SLU

Prediction of effect of climatic changes on forest fire risks (pdf)       
Aris Jansons, SILAVA

19.00 Dinner and time for free informal discussions



Tuesday 25 of November


Theme: Forest management and water

Increasing TOC and Fe concentrations in surface waters from forested headwater catchments in eastern Finland (pdf)       
Sakari Sarkkola, Metla

Mechanisms contributing to increased exports of P, N, and DOC from harvested peatland forests (pdf)       
Mika Nieminen, Metla

Impact of whole-tree harvesting on water quality and quantity from drained peatland forests in eastern Finland (pdf)       
Liisa Ukonmaanaho, Metla

Theme: Forest management and climate change

Uneven-aged management and climate change - myths and reality (pdf)
Sauli Valkonen & Riikka Piispanen, Metla

Environmental control of growth variation in Norway spruce in Finland (pdf)       
Harri Mäkinen, Metla

Economics of boreal Scots pine management under changing climate (pdf)       
Sampo Pihlainen, Helsingin yliopisto

9.00 Coffee


Joint session on forest management in changing environment

News from the Future Forests research programme (pdf)
Johan Bergh, SLU

To reduce soil disturbance related to forwarder traffic at final felling - results from a field study
Eva Ring, Skogforsk

The role of moisture content on terrain trafficability (pdf)       
Jori Uusitalo, Metla

Towards optimization of riparian protection zones (pdf)       
Anneli Ågren, SLU

Sequester or substitute - forests as carbon sink or storage
Risto Sievänen, Jari Hynynen and Saija Huuskonen, Metla




Discussion on future collaboration, summary and concluding remarks


End of workshop



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