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Ecosystem services from dead wood in North European forests

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Workshop on 7th-8th April 2014

organized by EFINORD-SNS network and hosted by Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Unit


April 7th


Welcome, round of presentation (institution, previous and current research or applied interests in dead wood) - everybody

SNS/Efinord networks: duration and expected outcomes, opportunities – Jogeir Stokland


Amount and decomposition of dead wood

The use of permanent sample plots for estimating and tracing back lying and standing dead wood - Hans Petersson

Decay rates of CWD in mixed natural forest of Western Carpathians - Janusz Szewczyk

Disturbed deadwood in Ireland - Brian Tobin


coffee break


Between trees and soil - deadwood as an ecosystem component - Ulrike Hageman

The burial of aboveground woody debris - an important source of soil carbon – Jogeir Stokland

Dead root carbon - Meelis Seedre




Field and laboratory studies, modelling wood decomposition

The BELongDead Experiment - Tiemo Kahl

Decomposition of woody debris in the incubation experiments: Kinetics of CO2 efflux and shifts in NMR spectra - Alla Larionova

Decomposition of woody debris in the incubation experiments: Changes in decomposers community - Ilya Yevdokimov


coffee break

Fungal diversity in decaying spruce analysed by modern molecular techniques - Tiina Rajala

Woody litter decomposition and Yasso soil carbon model – Jari Liski


Discussion forum

  • Factors controlling wood decomposition rates
  • Operational model framework, database prototype
  • Research needs, research projects
  • National carbon accounting

Reports from discussion forums




April 8th


Biochemical aspects of wood decomposition, miscellaneous
Do C- and N-sources change in the decaying log of boreal spruce forest; an isotopic approach - Shambhu Sah and Raisa Mäkipää

Nitrogen fixation in decaying wood -  Raisa Mäkipää

Formation of CO2 and methane in decayed heartwood of living Norway spruce trees infected by the white-rot fungus Heterobasidion parviporum - Ari M. Hietala



coffee break

Dead wood C dynamics in boreal and temperate forest, two examples - Meelis Seedre

Deadwood pools and drivers in Swiss and European forests - Steffen Herrmann

Cwd in Natura 2000 areas - demands for biodiversity protection vs rules of forest commercial use - Tomasz Zielonka

The secret life of Christmas trees: climbing, drilling, DNA – Dmitry Schigel




National monitoring, modelling and carbon accounting

German GHG reporting on dead wood and related studies on dead wood - Katja Oehmichen

Methods for quantifying aboveground dead wood - Göran Ståhl

Quantifying wood burial across environmental gradients using National forest inventories – Jogeir Stokland

Discussion forum: extension of yesterday and today discussions


coffee break

Follow-up activities: focused work meeting(s) in 2014, news item & blog post, workshop themes in 2015, …


End of workshop, departure

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