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Metla » Events » 2014 » CAR-ES network meeting in Finland 20.-22.10.2014

CAR-ES network meeting in Finland 20.-22.10.2014

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CAR-ES (Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic Forest Ecosystems, 2011-2015) is an open network that brings together Nordic and Baltic forest researchers. The CAR-ES network aims at providing scientific knowledge on the impacts of forest management on major environmental services for decision making with in the forestry sector. The main environmental services addressed are: Carbon sequestration, Water quality, Biodiversity, Soil quality.

CAR-ES organizes meetings, workshops and conferences and the second meeting in 2014 will be held in Finland, at the premises of Metla Vantaa Unit. The meeting will discuss the issues related to the main environmental services covered by CAR-ES, work on the ongoing subprojects and plan the final conference as well as the future of the network.


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Accommodation and transportation

Please reserve accomodation by yourself. There are two options at walking distance from the venue:

Transportation to and from the airport

  • Bus no 61 from the airport (terminals 1 and 2) at about 20 minute intervals to the Tikkurila railway station.
  • 1 minute walk to Sokos Hotel Vantaa
  • 15 minute walk to Hotel Tikkurila and
  • 10 minute walk to Metla Vantaa Unit


Monday 20th October

Lunch at Metla Vantaa Unit
13.30 Departure to the field sites by minibus, dinner at some point of time, field
trip. Hosted by Pekka T. Rajala and Jukka Koivuluoto, Storaenso Forest
18.30 Dinner. Restaurant Krapihovi, Tuusula
21.00 Back to hotels in Vantaa
Tuesday 21st October
Metla, Vantaa Unit, Jokiniemenkuja 1, Vantaa, Finland
Main house, big meeting room
8.30 Welcome by director Jari Varjo, Metla Vantaa Unit and Dr Inge Stupak, CAR-ES
   Session on carbon and soils, moderator Leena Finér
9.00 Effects of geothermal soil warming on soil carbon and nutrient processes in
a Sitka spruce plantation
Bjarni Sigurdsson, Niki Leblans, Edda S. Oddsdottir, Marja Maljanen and Ivan Janssens
9.25 Carbon and nitrogen storage in small deciduous forest patches over a SWNE
gradient in Europe
Karin Hansen, Lars Rosenqvist and Filip Moldan
9.50 Do tree species identity and diversity influence soil carbon stocks in
temperature and boreal forests
Lars Vesterdal, Seid M. Dawud, Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen, Bjarni D. Sigurdsson, Nicholas Clarke and Per Gundersen
10.15 Coffee break
10.40 How to estimate fine root production in peat soils
Raija Laiho, Rabbil Bhuiyan, Petra Sraková, Päivi Mäkiranta, Tiina Badorek and Timo Penttilä
11.05 Effects of tree diversity on fine root biomass and production in European
Timo Domisch and Leena Finér
   Session on water, moderator Lars Högbom
11.30 Forestry and quality of drinking water
Sirpa Piirainen and Leena Finér
11.55 Leaf area controls on stand H2O, energy and carbon exchange over a
rotation cycle
Samuli Launiainen and Saija Huuskonen
12.20 Lunch
13.10 Intensive stump harvesting and water quality
Eero Kubin
   Session on ecosystem services, moderator Bjarni Sigurdsson
13.35 Stump harvest at final felling – impact on soil surface disturbance, and
carbon and nitrogen dynamics
Lilli Kaarakka, Riitta Hyvönen-Olsson, Monika Strömgren, Marjo Palviainen and Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari
14.00 Coffee break
14.25 Growth responses of Picea abies seedlings after whole-tree harvesting and
ash addition
Ulf Sikström, Lars Högbom and Staffan Jacobson
14.50 Climate change mitigation benefits of intensively managed and untouched
Ander Tærø Nielsen, Walid Fayez Mustapha, Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen, Inge Stupak
15.15 Ecosystem services in Swedish forests
Karin Hansen and Mikael Malmaeus
15.40 Poster session, 5 min. for each poster

Changes of nutrient concentrations in soil solution in the first year after
different types of clearcutting
Sigita Mūrniece, Ainārs Lupiķis, Zane Lībiete

Long-term effect of site preparation on soil quality in Tuntsa, Finnish
Paavo Närhi, Nils Gustavsson, Marja-Liisa Sutinen, Kari Mikkola, Raimo Sutinen

Soil carbon stock change due to drainage of forest stand growing on
transitional bog
Andis Lazdiņš, Ainārs Lupiķis and Modris Okmanis
19.30 Dinner in Helsinki City centre Lappi Restaurant
Wednesday 22nd October, moderator Inge Stupak
8.00 News from different countries, new projects, new activities, persons etc.
prepared by the country representatives
9.15 Plans for the future of CAR-ES
Inge Stupak et al
10.00 Coffee break
10.25 Future of CAR-ES continues.

CNP project sum-up
Lars Högbom

12.30 Lunch

SNS-WTH project meeting
Nicholas Clarke, Inge Stupak and Bjarni Sigurdsson

14.00 Coffee, Wrap-up session and homework
14.45 Closing the meeting

Target Group

CAR-ES researchers


October 20th─22nd, 2014              


Metla, Vantaa Unit
Jokiniemenkuja 1
Vantaa, Finland


Please register before the 6th of October

Register here

Important deadlines

  • Submission of abstracts 15.9.
  • Confirmation of presentations and final programme 25.9.
  • Submission of extended abstracts 20.10.
  • Registration is open until 6.10.


For more information, contact:

Professor Leena Finér
Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)
Yliopistokatu 6
BOX 68
Tel. +358503913067

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