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IV Pallas Symposium 2013

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Pallas fells. Photo: Timo Penttilä

IV Pallas Symposium 2013

Recent trends in environmental, ecosystem, and land-use research

Time: September 25th–27th, 2013
Venue: Hotel Jeris, Muonio, Finland

The 4th Pallas Symposium will be organized at Hotel Jeris, Muonio, in the inspiring surroundings of lake Jerisjärvi neighboring the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The earlier Pallas Symposia in 1988, 1996, and 1998 have mainly dealt with the role of research in nature reserves. The focus in September 2013 will be on recent trends in research based on the Pallas research infrastructure: environmental monitoring, and functioning and feed-backs of the northern ecosystems under changing environment. Research on the interactions between the northern nature and the various needs of the human society will also be discussed.

Starting from the set-up of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) measuring station at Sammaltunturi in 1994, the Pallas research infrastructure has been extensively instrumented to serve as a modern and versatile tool set for environmental monitoring of this background area representing the cleanest part of Europe. As complemented by the ICOS sites for measuring energy and greenhouse gas fluxes between the atmosphere and different types of ecosystems, the Pallas research infrastructure (Pallas-Sodankylä super site) was in 2009 recognized as one of the most significant national ones in Finland. The symposium excursion will introduce the participants to the highlights of the Pallas research sites.

We invite researchers of all relevant disciplines and institutions to attend the Pallas symposium and discuss the advances and future prospects of research at Pallas.

International co-operation networks at Pallas

Welcome to Pallas!

Sammaltunturi Station. Photo: J. Hatakka
Kenttärova. Photo: Annalea Lohila
Lompolojänkkä. Photo: Timo Penttilä


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