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Roots 2011

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Mycorrhiza. Photo: Anna Korhonen and Marja Roitto.

Roots 2011

Time: December 13, 2011 at 12.30 to December 14, 2011 at 15.00
Venue: Metla, Joensuu, Käpy-meeting room, Yliopistokatu 6

The aim of this national informal workshop is to collect researchers to discuss the most interesting current topics in the field of plant roots.

The abstracts will be published in the Metla Working Papers.

Registration is closed.



Organizing institutions

Finnish Forest Research Institute - Metla
Research Program: Functioning of forest ecosystems and use of forest resources in changing climate (MIL)

University of Eastern Finland/School of Forest Sciences


Researcher Tapani Repo
Professor Leena Finér
Professor Tarja Lehto
Researcher Marja Roitto
Senior researcher Sirkka Sutinen

Language: English.
Costs: No participation fee.


tapani.repo @
tel. +358 29 532 3136
tarja.lehto @
tel. +358 50 341 9232


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