A Nordic meeting

Vegetative propagation of conifers

for enhancing landscaping and tree breeding




Wednesday 10.9.2008



8.30 Registration opens
9-9.30 Wellcome & Opening, Pasi Puttonen, Metla, Finland
  Metla’s presentation, Juhani Häggman, Metla, Finland
9.30- 11 Session I: Tree breeding framework
  • A way to utilise the advantages of clonal forestry for Norway spruce?/ Dag Lindgren, SLU, Sweden
  • Clones in Finnish tree breeding / Matti Haapanen, Metla, Finland
  • Field behaviour of Scots pine cuttings compared to seedlings / Anna-Maija Niskanen, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland
11-12 Lunch
12-14 Session II: Landscaping framework
  • Conifers in landscaping - potentials and problems / Juha Raisio, City of Helsinki, Finland

  • Hardy options for landscaping - domesticated exotics and special forms of Nordic conifers / Teijo Nikkanen, Metla, Finland
  • Investigation of conifers mutation forms in Latvia and the possibilities in selecting new sorts / Janis Zilins, LVM Seeds & Plants, Latvia

  • Propagation of ornamental conifers - producer's view / Jari Mäntynen, Taimityllilä Co., Finland

14-14.30 Coffee break
14.30-16.10 Session III: Technical issues -grafting & rooting of cuttings
  • Chip-budding and apical grafting - breeders' tools / Jörgen Hajek, Skogforsk, Sweden

  • Successes and failures in forest cutting production in Finland / Jouni Mikola, Metla, Finland

  • Joint pine cutting project: Metla-Silava-Skogforsk / Karl-Anders Högberg, Skogforsk, Sweden

  • Rooting Nordmann fir cuttings for Christmas trees?/ Ulrik Nielsen, Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark
16.10-16.30 Refreshments
16.30- Lusto's exhibitions by your own or on a guided tour (appr. 1 h) OR a guided tour at Metla's Arboretum (appr. 1h)
19-22 Evening together - Dinner at Valtionhotelli


Thursday 11.9.2008



9-10.30 Session IV: Technical issues – potentials of tissue culture
  • Production of spruce somatic embryos – a practical point of view /Karl-Anders Högberg, Skogforsk, Sweden
  • Advances in pine tissue culture – can mature trees be cloned? / Tuija Aronen, Metla, Finland
  • Integration of biotechnology, robot technology and visualisation technology for development of methods for automated mass production of elite trees / Jens Find, Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark·
10.30 -11 Posters
11-12 Lunch
12-14 Session V: Collaboration and future sights
  • Possibilities of EU and Nordic funding /Eeva Karjalainen, Metla, Finland
  • Group discussions on the future sights for vegetative propagation of coniferous trees, including potentials of collaboration or joint projects; e.g. on
    • How to facilitate the use of conifers as ornamentals?
    • Clones in practical breeding work and forestry
    • Technological developmen
    • Optionally a presentation by Dag Lindgren: "Combining genetic gain, gene diversity, time components, cost components when optimising breeding strategies"
General discussion and concluding remarks
14.30-15 Farewell coffee



Posters and company presentations by participants, e.g.

      • Research and developmental projects ..
      • Activities at nurseries ..
      • Commercial companies involved ..



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