A Nordic meeting

Vegetative propagation of conifers

for enhancing landscaping and tree breeding

will be organised at Lusto, The Finnish Forest Museum
in Punkaharju, Finland
on 10 th –11 th September, 2008



The meeting is meant for everybody interested in or working with vegetative propagation of coniferous species in Nordic and Baltic countries. The aim is to share ideas and experiences among researchers, tree breeders, commercial plant producers / nurseries, together with customers acting in landscaping or silviculture.


The meeting programme will consist of oral and poster presentations followed by discussions. All the presentations will be in English. The following topics will be included:



  • Current markets and problems of landscaping conifers in Nordic countries
  • What can be found in the forest - Metla’s collections of specific forms and hardy exotic conifers
  • Why we need clones in breeding and propagation?

Technical issues

  • Grafting methods
  • Experiences on rooted cuttings
  • Advances in tissue culture

Collaboration and future sights

  • Research needs
  • Funding possibilities
  • Common interests of the participants

The meeting is organised by Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), Punkaharju Research Unit, and supported by GENECAR, Nordic Centre of Advanced Research in Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding and The Foundation for Forest Tree Breeding (pages in Finnish). The meeting venue, Lusto, is situated at the heart of Saimaa lake district and right next to the Metla’s Unit as well as Punkaharju Nature Conservation Area.




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