IUFRO Division VI Symposium
Integrative Science for Integrative Management

Practical info


Some advice for dress code and clothing for excursions

The weather can vary a lot in Lapland. If we are lucky the day temperatures may be above 20 ºC (68 ºF), but if we less lucky, it can be rainy and cold, below below 10 ºC (50 ºF) even in August.

We have planned the social events partly to take place outdoors, and this is why we recommend you to take outdoor clothing with you. Wind and rain proof clothing is recommendable for the excursions and also some warm layer to add if needed. But, on the other hand, also some light clothing and sun cover maybe needed. Also, you may want to be prepared for mosquitoes (which should not be very bad in August; only annoying, no threat of diseases if not allergic) just in case. We recommend also hiking boots for those who plan to hike from Saariselkä to Kiilopää on Thursday afternoon.

Social Events:

  1. The welcoming party is outdoors with shelters on Tuesday night. Warm layer.
  2. In-conference excursions:
    • Saariselkä-Kiilopää hiking: hiking boots and wind and rain proof clothing + swimming suit for smoke sauna and swim (see map, pdf 1,5Mb)
    • Siida and Lake Inari boat trip: Wind proof and warm layer for boat trip
  3. Post-conference excursions: hiking boots recommendable but sturdy walking shoes are ok too. Wind and rain proof jacket. Sun cover as well.

Dress code in the conference is 'casual'. At conference dinner on Friday night, those who have registered may think of 'smart casual' dressing.


Accompanying persons’ program (pdf 505 Kb)


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