IUFRO Division VI Symposium:
Integrative Science for Integrative Management

Instructions for presenters


Oral presentations

  • The time allotted for presentations is 15 min as a general rule, but you are recommended to check this with your session organizer.
  • Session facilities include computers and data projectors (Windows). We recommend that you make a PowerPoint presentation.
  • PowerPoint presentations can be sent in advance by email to iufro-d6@metla.fi not later than August 10th 2007 (max. file size sent by email 5 Mb). Bring a copy on USB plug or cd with you. At the symposium presentations can also be submitted to the symposium assistant for the conference room in question in the morning or during the break before your session by USB plug or cd.

Poster presentations

  • The maximum width of the poster is 92.0 cm and height 85.0 cm. Posters will be attached to the stands by pins provided by the organizers.
  • You can use your own organization’s guidelines for the poster layout. Otherwise a poster should include a clearly visible title at the top, followed by author(s) and affiliation information directly underneath. The body text of the poster may start with a short introduction in the top left corner, followed by methods and results, with conclusions in the lower right corner (body text in two or three columns).
  • When choosing font size, please remember that the poster should be readable from a distance of at least one metre.
  • Poster presenters will be responsible for transportation, pinning it up on the appointed stand, and removal of their posters. The posters are to be set up in the conference room during the lunch hour on Thursday 16th.
  • Poster presentations will be organized in two-hour sessions on Thursday afternoon, during which the author(s) must be available for questions and discussion. Tables will be available near the poster stands for displaying handouts of the posters.
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