IUFRO Division VI Symposium:
Integrative Science for Integrative Management

Session schedule


Session title: Integrating social and cultural information in urban forest planning and management

Organiser: IUFRO 6.14.00 Urban Forestry (coordinator: Dr. Cecil Konijnendijk, cecil@woodscape-consult.com)

Brief description:
This session will discuss innovative attempts to integrate research on social and cultural aspects into day-day-to planning and management of urban forests. Contributions on one or more of the following aspects were invited:

  • From storytelling to special place mapping: the use of qualitative methods to assess values, preferences, traditions and knowledge.
  • Integration of social surveys and other social science tools in day-to-day urban forestry.
  • Public involvement and communication as integral part of urban forest planning and management.
  • Information and decision-support tools for integrating social and cultural aspects in urban forestry.
Speakers Abstract Presentations
Simon Bell, United Kingdom What can forestry do for the people of Scotland? > pdf
Maija Sipilä and Liisa Tyrväinen, Finland Social information – benefit of burden in urban forest planning? > pdf
Iris Bernstein, Israel

Integrative science for integrative management in Massua Forest in central Israel

> pdf

Kirsi Mäkinen, Finland

Local identities, memories and experiences as inspirers of urban silviculture > pdf

Presentations (all case studies) will be 15 minutes each. After a block of three papers, discussion of 10-15 minutes will follow.

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