International workshop on

Koli (c) Metla/Erkki Oksanen

Development of Models and Forest Soil Surveys for Monitoring of Soil Carbon

April 5-8, 2006 at Koli, Finland



The potential of forests in mitigation of climate change has created a need to develop and improve methods to estimate the changes in the carbon stock of forests. According to the Kyoto Protocol and the Marrakesh Accords, signatory countries have  commitment to report changes in the carbon stocks of soil. However, soil monitoring methods applicable on the large scale in question are lacking. National and international soil surveys are carried out in European countries, but none of them has been designed for reliable carbon inventory on forest land. Due to high costs of the regionally representative soil surveys and soil carbon monitoring, sampling efforts need to be effectively allocated within a monitoring programme and monitoring programmes need to be supported by modelling and development of new methodologies.

The objective of this workshop is to assess current methodological development focused on soil carbon monitoring applicable for large-scale inventories.

Sessions of the workshop will be focused on:

  • National soil surveys in carbon monitoring - possibilities to improve current methodologies
  • Models in estimation of decomposition and soil carbon budget
  • Combining models and soil surveys - advances in development of soil carbon monitoring programmes

Final report

Workshop's Final report (pdf 36 kb)

Selected Papers of the Workshop can be found from Silva Fennica 41(3)/2007.


Scientific advisory board of the workshop

  • Dr. Pete Smith, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Prof. Mats Olsson, SLU, Sweden
  • Dr. Esther Thürig , European Forest Institute
  • Dr. Jari Liski, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
  • Dr. Raisa Mäkipää, Finnish Forest Research Institute
The presentations are available
on the programme page.
Local organizers  
Raisa Mäkipää
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Mikko Peltoniemi,
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Secretariat of the workshop  
Anne Viljakainen
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Fax. +358 10 211 2575
Organized by the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)
Sponsored by European Science Foundation (ESF)
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