Expert Consultation on Global Forest
Resources Assessment: towards FRA 2010
Kotka V

Kotka, Finland, June 12-16, 2006


Kotka V proceedings

Guidelines for the authors

The proceedings of the Kotka V consultation will be published after the consultation. The proceedings include invited papers and one page summary of each voluntary presentation. The authors of the papers are kindly asked to follow the guidelines given below:

  • Use Microsoft Word or similar. Save the text in .doc and preferably also in .rtf formats (two versions).
  • Store figures and graphs as separate documents in .pdf, .tif or .jpg formats with print resolution. A limited number of black and white photographs will be allowed.
  • In order to guarantee that your text will be copied and distributed during the meeting, submit one copy of your text to the organizers BEFORE THE MEETING by e-mail: or by post: 'Kotka V', Metla, Unioninkatu 40 A, FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland.
  • For the proceedings bring your presentation in a CD-Rom with one printout to the organizers DURING THE MEETING.
  • Indicate on your CD label: your name, title of the text, type of computer and word processing programme you have used.

Proceedings of the earlier consultations: Kotka I, Kotka II, Kotka III, Kotka IV

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