Expert Consultation on Global Forest
Resources Assessment: towards FRA 2010
Kotka V

(Venue: Kotka Forestry and Wood Technology Campus, Kärkisaarentie 1, 48310 Kotka, Finland)

Kotka, Finland, June 12-16, 2006


FAO’s Forest Resources Assessment programme (FRA) has received technical recommendations and support from international specialists in consultations organized by FAO/UNECE at regular intervals over the last 20 years. The first consultation on global forest resources assessments was held in 1987 and the following consultations took place in 1993, 1996 and 2002. The next consultation, 5th in order, will be held in June 12-16, 2006.

Finland has hosted all the consultations and it has, together with FAO, supported financially participants from the developing countries and countries in transition. The location of the consultations has always been the city of Kotka in Finland, and, therefore, the next consultation is called Kotka V.

The main aim of Kotka V is to evaluate FRA 2005 and provide guidance for FRA 2010. In addition, Kotka V aims at enhancing collaboration with other forestry related reporting processes and organizations and to assess the need for and potential scope of a remote sensing component to complement the information provided in national reports.

The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla, has been in charge of the practical arrangements of the Kotka consultations, and it will be responsible for the arrangements also for Kotka V.

Note that the consultation is for invited participants only.

Organizing committee

The technical arrangements of Kotka V will be taken care by Metla. For any questions concerning registration, transportation, accommodation etc., please contact:

Kotka V Secretariat

Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla
Unioninkatu 40 A,
FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland
fax. +358 10 211 2202 343
tel. +358 10 211 2343 (Ms. Anja Sanaslahti)
+358 10 211 2571 (Ms. Anne Viljakainen)
+358 50 391 2013 (Ms. Anne Luhtala)

The official invitations to the participants have been made by FAO. For questions concerning participation/cancellation as well as the contents of the agenda, please contact:

Ms. Hivy Ortiz Chour
Global Forest Resources Assessment,
tel. 39 06 570 54811
fax 39 06 570 55825

Ms. Mette Loyche Wilkie
or Global Forest Resources Assessment,
telephone 39 06 570 52091
fax 39 06 570 55137

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