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Monitoring and Management of Visitor Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas

Preliminary programme
June 15.–18.2004
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Tuesday, June 15 | Wednesday, June 16 | Thursday, June 17 | In-conference excursion | Friday, June 18
Conference programme
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
15:00–17:00 Registration starts at Arktikum
19:00–21:00 Warming up at the Alaruokanen House, gathering at Valtakatu 8
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
08:00–10:00 Registration Poster preparations  

Welcoming by Director Mr. Esko Lotvonen, Regional Council of Lapland
Opening Director General · Dr. Hannu Raitio, Finnish Forest Research Insititute
Greeting by Director General Dr. Paula Kankaanpää, Arctic Centre·
Introduction Tuija Sievänen, Chair of the MMV II Organizing Committee

11:00–12:00 Keynote address
Service providers and ecotourists: Making a connection through programme planning Prof. David Fennell, Brock University, Canada
12:00–13:00 Lunch break at Aurora
13:00–14:30 Management politics and Recreation Inventories
Moderator: Dr. Eija Pouta
Visitor monitoring methods
Moderator: Dr. Sjerp De Vries
  Thomas A. More and Robert Manning: The Public Functions of Parks and Protected Areas Donald B. K. English, Stanley J. Zarnoch and Susan M. Kocis: Designing a Sampling System for Concurrently Measuring Outdoor Recreation Visitation and Describing Visitor Characteristics  
  Ulrike Pröbstl: Visitor Monitoring as a prerequisite of assessments in Natura 2000 sites Mark S. Shapochkin, Vera V. Kiseleva, Oxana V. Syriamkina and Vladimir F. Nikitin: Mapping the Intensity of Recreation Impact in the National Park Losiny Ostrov, Moscow  
  Dominik Siegrist: Sustainable tourism and large protected areas –Analysis models and success criteria of a sustainable tourism management using the example of the Alps Simon Melville and Juha Ruohonen: The development of a remote-download system for visitor counting  
  Hans Skov-Petersen and Frank Søndergaard Jensen: Assessing recreation in the Danish nature–present Experiences, towards a future Monitoring System Susan M. Kocis, Stanley J. Zarnoch and Donald B.K. English: Affects of Road Sign Wording on Visitor Survey Non-Response Bias  
14:30–15:00 Coffee break at Lounge
15:00–16:00 Keynote address: Trends Affecting Tourism in Protected Areas Prof. Paul Eagles, University of Waterloo,Canada    
16:00–17:00   Poster session
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18:30–19:00 Departure from the conference bus stop (by the Hotel Santa Claus) to Ounaspaviljonki
19:00–21:00 Welcoming party in Ounaspviljonki hosted by the City of Rovaniemi and the Municipality of Rovaniemi
 - program outdoors, take outdoor clothing with you
 - buffet dinner
21:00– Departure for the city centre by bus
Thursday, June 17, 2004
08:00–09:00 Registration    
09:00–10:30 Visitor flow modelling and data manaagement Moderator: Dr. Peter Fredman Sustainability and carrying capacity

Moderator: Prof. Jarkko Saarinen
Visitor information and visitor management in parks
Moderator: Prof. Paul Eagles
  Sjerp de Vries, André Jellema and Martin Goossen: FORVISITS: modelling visitor flows at a regional level Anne Tolvanen, Jussi Rämet, Pirkko Siikamäki, Anne Törn and Markku Orell: Research on ecological and social sustainability of nature tourism in northern Finland Akihiro Kobayasi: User attitude towards traffic control in Shiretoko and Daisetsuzan National Park in Japan
  Duncan Cavens, Eckart Lange, Willy A. Schmid, Christian Gloor and Kai Nagel: Integrating Visual Quality Modeling within an Agent-Based Hiking Simulation for the Swiss Alps Christelle van den Berg, Femke van Bree and Stuart Cottrell: PAN Parks implementation process: cross cultural comparison - Bieszczady & Slovenski Raij National Parks Alexander Krämer, Ralf Roth, Achim Schmidt and Stefan Türk: Evaluation of the success of visitor flow management projects in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park
  Michael Yuan, Norman McIntyre, Robert Payne and Jeffery Moore: Development of a Spatial Values-Based Recreation Planning Framework for Canadian Crown Lands Christophe Clivaz, Yves Hausser and Jacques Michelet : Tourism monitoring system based on the concept of carrying capacity–The case of the regional natural park Pfyn-Finges (Switzerland) Zsuzsanna Szilágyi: Regulation of Visitor Activities in the DINP
  Stanley J. Zarnoch, Donald B. K. English and Susan M. Kocis: A Model for Evaluating Dispersed Outdoor Recreation Use Estimation Arne Arnberger, Wolfgang Haider and Andreas Muhar: Social Carrying Capacity of an Urban Park in Vienna Regiane Vilas Bôas, Antônio Cláudio Davide and Cláudia M. Ribeiro Andrade: Visitors of Parque Florestal Quedas do Rio Bonito, Lavras (Mg), Brazil: A Management Planning Based on Profile, Perceptions, Needs and Motivations
10:30–11:00 Coffee break at Lounge
11:00–12:00 Keynote address: Monitoring and managementof recreation in protected areas: Scientific perspectives Dr. David Cole, USA    
12:00–13:00 Lunch break at Aurora
13:00–14:30 Travel Simulation Modelling
Moderator: Dr. David Cole
Visitor/User behaviour and conflicts
Moderator: Prof. Seija Tuulentie
  Jan W. van Wagtendonk: Simulation modeling of visitor flows: where have we been and where are we going? Patricia Bernet: Interaction between nature protection and leisure's groups, an example of the largest protected area surrounding Lake Greifensee, canton Zurich, Switzerland  
  Steve Lawson, Ann Mayo -Kiely and Robert E. Manning: Computer Simulation as a Tool for Developing Alternatives for Managing Crowding at Wilderness Campsites on Isle Royale Katerina Ryglová and Jana Turcinkova: Image as an Important Factor of Destination Management  
  Erik Murdock: Understanding Recreation Flow to Protect Wilderness Resources at Joshua Tree National Park, California Ian Keirle and Mathew Stephens: Do walkers stay on footpaths? An observational study of Cwm Idwal in the Snowdonia National Park 13:30 Sustainability and ecological carrying capacity
Moderator: Dr. Arne Arnberger
  Chris Sharp, Randy Gimblett and Robert Itami: Linking Visitor Flows and Patterns of Use with General Management Planning in Saguaro National Park Yasushi Shoji and Kazushige Yamaki: Visitor Perceptions of the Inscription on the World Heritage List: The Use of Stated Choice Methods Timo Helle, Ville Hallikainen, Marko Haapalehto and Aarno Niva: The effects of outdoor recreation on range use by semi-domesticated reindeer and lichen vegetation
14:30–15:00 Coffee break
15:00–15:45 Rachel Nelson, Suzanne Cable, Robert Itami, Randy Gimblett and David Cole: Inventory, Monitoring and Simulating the Impacts from Dispersed Visitor Use in the Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness Norman McIntyre and Berit Svanqvist: Living in the Forest: Meanings and Use of Recreational Residences Ken Gilbertson: Visitor Management and Revegetation Efforts on a Degraded Lake Superior Cliff Edge
    Stefan Türk and Edwin Jakob, Alexander Krämer and Ralf Roth: Outdoor recreation activities in nature protection areas - Situation in Germany Teresa Cristina Magro, Silvia Yochie Kataoka and Gytha van Bentveld: Improving the environmental conditions in intensively used rural areas
18:00–21:00 In-conference excursion
  - Departure from conference bus stop by the Hotel Santa Claus for the Vaattunki recreation area
  - Information about the area
  - Refreshments by the camp fire
  - Departure for the city centre
Friday, June 18, 2004
09:00–10:30 Visitor Flow modelling and visitor information implementation
Moderator: Dr. Andreas Muhar
Nature tourism policies
Moderator: Prof. David Fennell
Experiences of inventories and monitoring of visitor impacts
Moderator: Prof. Ulrike Pröbstl
  Wolfgang Haider, Colleen Anderson, Ben Beardmore and Don A. Anderson: Recreational Trail Use of Residents in Jasper National Park, Canada Jouko Högmander and Anneli Leivo: General Principles for Sustainable Nature Tourism in Protected Areas Administrated by Metsähallitus, Finland Anna Júlia Passold, Teresa Cristina Magro and Hilton Thadeu Zarate do Couto: Comparing Indicator Effectiveness for Monitoring Visitor Impact at Intervales State Park, Brazil: Park Ranger-Measured Versus Specialist-Measured Experience
  Peter Fredman: National Park Designation–Visitor Flows and Tourism Impact Eija Pouta, Tuija Sievänen and Marjo Neuvonen: Profiling recreational users of national parks, national hiking areas and wilderness areas in Finland R.J. Payne, N. McIntyre, M. Yuan, J. Moore, L. Bradford and S. Elliott: Recreation Experience Preferences and Activity Profiles in a Crown Forest Landscape in Ontario, Canada
  Donald B. K. English, Susan M. Kocis and Stanley J. Zarnoch: Characteristics and Use Patterns of Visitors to Dispersed Areas of Urban National Forests Christiane Gätje: Double Strategy towards sustainable tourism: Offers for visitors and opportunities for people employed in tourism in the Wadden Sea National Park in Schleswig-Holstein Kazushige Yamaki and Yasushi Shoji: Classification of trail settings in an alpine national park using the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum approach
  Malte Grossmann, Axel Klaphake and Jürgen Meyerhoff: Canoes versus birds or canoeists versus canoeists? Combining interview survey and visitor monitoring to inform visitor management in the Mueritz National Park Gianluca Bambi and Vittorio Panero: A modern net of paths for every type of hiking: new possibilities in order to discover and to promote a protected area Masayoshi Takahashi: Actual condition and problem of visitor use in Jozankei National Forest, Japan
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–12:00 Keynote Address: Visitor information needs and it's implementation in management of recreational and protected areas: Managers’ perspectives. Mr. Pertti Itkonen, Metsähallitus, Finland    
12:00–13:00 Lunch break at Aurora
13:00–14:30 Sustainability, carrying capacity and impacts
Moderator: Prof. Robert Manning
Management Policies and Visitor information
Moderator: Prof. Wolfgang Haider
13:00–15:00 Liisa Kajala, Joel Erkkonen and Minttu Perttula: Measures for Developing Sustainability of Nature Tourism in Protected Areas Norman McIntyre, Michael Yuan, Robert J. Payne and Jeffery Moore: Development of a Values-based Approach to Managing Recreation on Canadian Crown Lands  
  Mart Reimann: Destination Lifecycle and Visitor Management–The Example of Põhja-Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve, Estonia Yvonne Pflüger: Value based decision making process for strategic visitor management in the Natura 2000 area Lech River Valley, Tyrol  
  Petra Sterl, Simone Wagner and Arne Arnberger: Social Carrying Capacity of Canoeists in Austria´s Danube Floodplains National Park Chieh-Lu Li, Harry C. Zinn, Garry E. Chick, Alan R. Graefe and James D. Absher: Hofstede’s Measure of Cultural Values in a National Forest Recreation Context  
  Birgit Nolte: Sustainable Tourism in Biosphere Reserves of East Central European Countries – Case Studies from Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic Brijesh Thapa, John J. Confer and Jamie Mendelsohn: Trip motivations among water-based recreationists  
14:30–15:00 Coffee break
  Overview and conclusions:
Dr. Tuija Sievänen and Prof. Seija Tuulentie, Finnish Forest Research Institute
Announcement of next mmv- conference and Closing:
Prof. Seija Tuulentie, Finnish Forest Research Institute
19:00–21:00 Farewell dinner at the Hotel Pohjanhovi’s restaurant and evening program
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