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Instructions for: Oral presentations | Posters | Abstracts | Proceedings

Instructions for oral presentations

The time allowed for an oral presentation is 15 minutes. The presentation will be followed by a short discussion. (The presentation time has been changed after the first notice.)

Equipment available for presenters:
  – overhead projector
  – slide projector
  – flipchart
  – data projection system ( PC + data/video projector)

If presenters need additional equipment for their presentations, please indicate this in the final registration form.

PowerPoint presentations are welcome. The presentation file must be PC, Windows NT, and PowerPoint 2000 compatible, and delivered on a CD or a diskette (no zip discs). It is advisable to send the presentation in advance to the conference secretary ( as an e-mail attachment, and to bring a backup copy on CD or diskette. You will not be allowed to use your own lap-top computers.

When using slides in the presentation, slides must be submitted to the registration/information desk at least 30 minutes before your session starts. The attendants will bring the slides to the lecture room.

Please read the “Instructions for authors of the conference proceedings”.

Instructions for posters

The width of the poster is 59.4 cm and height 84.1 cm (A1). Posters will be attached to the stands by special pins provided by the organizers.

For the recommended layout for posters, see poster-examle.pdf.

Recommended fonts and font sizes:
  – main title: Arial 46–48 pts
  – authors: Arial 24–26 pts
  – heading 1: Arial 34–36
  – heading 2: Arial 24–26
  – base text: Times New Roman 22–24 pts
  – figure and table legends: Arial, italics, 16–18 pts
  – contact information box: Arial 16–18 pts

If you use smaller fonts, please remember that the poster should be readable from a distance of at least one metre.

The poster presenters will be responsible for the transportation, pinning on the appointed stand, and removal of their posters.

Poster presentations will be organized in 60-minute sessions, during which the author(s) must be available for questions and discussion. Tables will be available near the poster stands for displaying hand-outs of the posters.

For more information about poster setup and sessions see Programme.

Read the “Instructions for authors of the conference proceedings”. The instructions also apply to poster presenters.

Instructions for abstracts

If you submit your abstract by e-mail, send it attached in Word 97 or newer version format. All the margins should be 2.5 cm, font should be Times or Times New Roman, 12 pts, single line spacing. Paragraphs should be separated by one blank line.

The length of the abstract should be 300–500 words. Avoid abbreviations, diagrams, and reference to the text. The title and affiliation information should be as follows.

Instructions for abstracts (title)

Ms. Eija Virtanen
Research assistant
Finnish Forest Research Institute, Rovaniemi, Finland

If you submit your abstract via the conference web page, copy the text into the space reserved for it.

Instructions for proceedings

These instructions apply to both oral and poster presenters.

Submission deadline:
All papers intended for the proceedings must be submitted by February 28, 2004. Early submission of papers is encouraged. The paper should be sent as an e-mail attachment.

Submission Format:
If possible, please submit your paper in Microsoft Word 2000 saved and sent as rtf-format. MS Word will be the program used to create the final manuscript. However, if this software is unavailable, you may submit your paper in the following formats:

MS Word for Windows any earlier version
WordPerfect for Windows
Mac users: please contact us.
E-mail to:

Language and language checking:
The proceedings will be in English. Authors are responsible for the contents and linguistic quality of their papers.

The easiest way to compose your paper is to use the attached MsWord 2000 file called example.doc.

Paper length:
Authors of oral presentations: The total length of your paper, including figures and tables, is restricted to eight (8) pages in the proceedings manuscript when typed single spaced in 10 point font.

Authors of poster presentations: The total length of your paper, including figures and tables, is restricted to four (4) pages in the proceedings manuscript when typed single spaced in 10 point font.

The paper you submit must adhere to this length restriction or it will not be printed. Keep in mind that formatting and the addition of tables and figures may lengthen your paper, so write accordingly and try to leave a little extra free space.

Figures and Tables:
All figures should be submitted on a separate attachment file with a high resolution, as well as embedded in the text. When you send figures as an attachment, please send the corresponding worksheet files as well as the graphic files.

If tables are included, please use the table-making utility in your word processing software instead of creating your tables with tabs and spaces. Note that the width of one column is 7.6 cm and the width of two columns with the space between them is 16.0 cm.

Try to insert your figures and tables either at the top or bottom of the page.

See formatting guidelines (MS Word doc 40 kt) for example.doc (MS Word doc 46 kt)

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