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Workshop on the Role of Red Wood Ants in Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems

September 10-11, 2004
Kevo Subarctic Research Station,
Utsjoki, Finland
@Timo Domisch
Photo: Timo Domisch
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Workshop venue

The workshop will be arranged at the Kevo Subarctic Research Station.

Travel info

The Kevo Subarctic Research Station is located in Finnish Lapland, in the Utsjoki commune. The nearest railway station is in Rovaniemi, from where there is a coach service to Kevo (Utsjoki destination) (http://www.eskelisen-lapinlinjat.com/). The nearest airport is situated in Ivalo, to where there are several daily flights from Helsinki (http://www.finnair.com). There is a bus connection (http://www.eskelisen-lapinlinjat.com/) from Ivalo airport to Kevo, from where you will be transported (on request) to the research station by boat or by minibus.

Please inform us how and when you will arrive in Ivalo or Kevo!

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