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Workshop on the Role of Red Wood Ants in Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems

September 10-11, 2004
Kevo Subarctic Research Station,
Utsjoki, Finland
@Timo Domisch
Photo: Timo Domisch
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Instructions for Authors

Instructions for oral presentations

The time allowed for an oral presentation is 25 minutes. The presentation will be followed by a discussion.

Equipment available for presenters:

  • overhead projector
  • slide projector
  • data projection system (PC + data/video projector)

PowerPoint presentations are welcome. The presentation file must be PC, Windows NT, and PowerPoint 2000 compatible, and delivered on CD or diskette (no zip discs).

Instructions for posters

The width of the poster is 59.4 cm and height 84.1 cm (A1). Posters will be attached to the stands by special pins provided by the organisers.

Instructions for abstracts

Workshop abstracts, submitted by May 30:
All the margins should be 2.5 cm, font should be Times or Times New Roman, 12 pts, single line spacing. Paragraphs should be separated by one blank line.E-mail to: leena.finer@joensuu.fi. The abstract should not exceed the length of three pages.

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