Finnish Forest Research Institute

Post Conference Tour
in Finland and Sweden,
June 12-17, 2003

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Post Conference Tour

Route Map

Friday June 13
  8.00 Excursion begins at Rovaniemi railway station
 8.00 Transfer to Pahtaja

Point 1. Pahtaja

  • Uneven-aged management in pine stands (Erkki Lähde and Yrjö Norokorpi)
    Transfer to Jokela

Point 2. Jokela

  • Current regeneration practices with retention and irregular spatial patterns (Lauri Karvonen)
 10.05 Coffee
 10.55 Transfer to Hietaperä

Point 3. Hietaperä

  • Metla's research forests (Martti Varmola)
  • Utilization history of Lapland's forests (Mikko Hyppönen)
 12.00Transfer to Hyypiö

Point 4. Hyypiö

  • Natural stand structure and dynamics in spruce stands on thick-moss sites at high altitudes (Kari Mäkitalo)
 12.30 Transfer to Koivikkoniemi
 12.50 Lunch & Coffee at Koivikkoniemi
 13.50 Transfer to Sattasuo
 14.05 Walk to the study plots

Point 5. Sattasuo

  • Development of stand structure and tree growth in an irregular Scots pine stand after drainage of peatland (Hannu Hökkä)
 15.10 Walk to the bus
 15.20Transfer to Koskenkylä

Point 6. Koskenkylä

  • Uneven-aged advanced growth in mature pine stand gaps (Mikko Hyppönen)
 16.50Transfer to Rovaniemi

Free time

 19.00 Boat trip & dinner at Metla's Rovaniemi Research Station
Saturday June 14
  7.30 Excursion begins at the Hotel Santa Claus, Rovaniemi

Transfer to Sieppijärvi, Kolari


Point 1. Visit at a reindeer farm (Mika Satta)

  • family forest management
  • reindeer husbandary in multi-use forestry (Timo Helle), Paliskunnat (Matti Särkelä)
  • coffee break
 10.15 Transfer to Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park Visitor Centre
 11.50 Lunch break at the Hotel Pallas
  12.50 Point 2. Finnish national parks
 13.10 Point 3. Timber line issues during a walk (Vesa Juntunen)
  14.00 Transfer to Pallasjärvi
 14.10 Walk to a natural pine forest permanent study plot

Point 4. Poster presentation:

  • Criterion for defining the natural forests (Juha Siitonen)
  • Natural forest sample plot network (Juha Siitonen)
 15.20 Walk to the Pyhäjoki nature trail

Point 5. Poster presentation:

  • Differences in diameter distributions between managed and natural forests (Jouni Siipilehto)
 16.00 coffee break
 16.15 Walk to the bus
 16.25 Transfer to Levitunturi

Point 6. Forest management adjacent to Levi-Kätkä recreational area (Anssi Juujärvi)

  • Metsäkeskus Lappi & land owner
  • Levi tourism
  18.05 Transfer to the Hotel Levitunturi
 18.15Dinner at the Hotel Levitunturi
 19.15 Transfer to Rovaniemi, Hotel Santa Claus

Detailed program of Sunday June 15 -Tuesday June 17 will be announced later.

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