Nordic Group for Tree Genetic Resources Meeting in Finland 2001

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When The annual meeting of the Group was arranged in Finland on March 23-27, 2001.

Where We started by a train trip (conference wagon) from Helsinki to Joensuu. The meeting and excursions continued in Northern Carelia province, with lodgings and sessions at the Mekrijärvi Research Station of the Joensuu University.

What The main theme of the meeting was

"Integrating tree breeding and forestry"

Under this theme, each of the participating countries gave a country report concentrating on the following topics: the present status of tree breeding, the proportions of genetically improved material in reforestation practice, recent changes and development trends, problems and challenges, needs for research, and future plans for tree breeding. Furthermore, a number of talks and posters were presented at the meeting.

Metla/VA/MHaa - 16/11/2000