Silva Fennica : regular issues : 46(3)

46(3), 2012

Research articles

Pablo Martínez-Álvarez, Fernando Manuel Alves-Santos & Julio Javier Diez: In vitro and in vivo interactions between Trichoderma viride and Fusarium circinatum / Abstract / Full text

Anni Markkanen & Panu Halme: Polypore communities in broadleaved boreal forests / Abstract / Full text

Anabel Aparecida de Mello, Leif Nutto, Karla Simone Weber, Carlos Eduardo Sanquetta, Jorge Luis Monteiro de Matos & Gero Becker: Individual biomass and carbon equations for Mimosa scabrella Benth. (bracatinga) in southern Brazil / Abstract / Full text

Guolei Li, Yong Liu, Yan Zhu, Qing Mei Li & R. Kasten Dumroese: Effect of fall-applied nitrogen on growth, nitrogen storage and frost hardiness of bareroot Larix olgensis seedlings / Abstract / Full text

Matti Rousi, Boy J.H.M. Possen, Risto Hagqvist & Barb R. Thomas: From the Arctic Circle to the Canadian prairies – a case study of silver birch acclimation capacity / Abstract / Full text

Iulian Dragotescu & Daniel D. Kneeshaw: A comparison of residual forest following fires and harvesting in boreal forests in Quebec, Canada / Abstract / Full text

Jyrki Hytönen & Lasse Aro: Biomass and nutrition of naturally regenerated and coppiced birch on cutaway peatland during 37 years / Abstract / Full text

Kalle Karttunen, Kari Väätäinen, Antti Asikainen & Tapio Ranta: The operational efficiency of waterway transport of forest chips on Finland’s Lake Saimaa / Abstract / Full text

Cheng-Jung Lin, Chih-Hsin Chung, Te-Hsin Yang & Far-Ching Lin: Detection of electric resistivity tomography and evaluation of the sapwood-heartwood demarcation in three Asia Gymnosperm species / Abstract / Full text

Sanna Hautamäki, Antti Mutanen & Jari Viitanen: Substitution in the Finnish forest industry’s roundwood procurement / Abstract / Full text

Mirja Rantala, Teppo Hujala & Mikko Kurttila: Measuring and monitoring socio-cultural sustainability in the action of forest biodiversity cooperation networks / Abstract / Full text

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