Silva Fennica : regular issues : 45(4)

45(4), 2011

Research articles

Pertti Pulkkinen, Saila Varis, Raimo Jaatinen, Aulis Leppänen & Anne Pakkanen: Increasing survival and growth of Scots pine seedlings with selection based on autumn coloration / Abstract / Full text

Youhong Peng & Ke Chen: Phylogeographic pattern of Populus cathayana in the southeast of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China revealed by cpSSR markers / Abstract / Full text

Venceslas Goudiaby, Suzanne Brais, Yvon Grenier & Frank Berninger: Thinning effects on jack pine and black spruce photosynthesis in eastern boreal forests of Canada / Abstract / Full text

Scott R. Abella: How well do U.S. Forest Service terrestrial ecosystem surveys correspond with measured vegetation properties? / Abstract / Full text

Hannu Hökkä, Jaakko Repola, Mikko Moilanen & Markku Saarinen: Seedling survival and establishment in small canopy openings in drained spruce mires in Northern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Meeri Pearson, Markku Saarinen, Kari Minkkinen, Niko Silvan & Jukka Laine: Mounding and scalping prior to reforestation of hydrologically sensitive deep-peated sites: factors behind Scots pine regeneration success / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto: Local prediction of stand structure using linear prediction theory in Scots pine-dominated stands in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Annika Kangas, Lauri Mehtätalo, Antti Mäkinen & Kalle Vanhatalo: Sensitivity of harvest decisions to errors in stand characteristics / Abstract / Full text

Risto Laamanen & Annika Kangas: Large-scale forest owner’s information needs in operational planning of timber harvesting - some practical views in Metsähallitus, Finnish state-owned enterprise / Abstract / Full text

Jim Kiser: Histochemical and geometric alterations of sapwood in coastal Douglas-fir following mechanical damage during commercial thinning / Abstract / Full text

Anne Toppinen, Katja Lähtinen, Leena A. Leskinen & Niklas Österman: Network co-operation as a source of competitiveness in medium-sized Finnish sawmills / Abstract / Full text

Luis Diaz-Balteiro, Roberto Voces & Carlos Romero: Making sustainability rankings using compromise programming. An application to European paper industry / Abstract / Full text

Book reviews

Pia Katila & Marko Katila: New paradigm for saving the world’s forests? / Addresses / Full text

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