Silva Fennica : regular issues : 45(3)

45(3), 2011

Research articles

Eeva Terhonen, Teresa Marco, Hui Sun, Risto Jalkanen, Risto Kasanen, Martti Vuorinen & Fred Asiegbu: The effect of latitude, season and needle-age on the mycota of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Jaana Luoranen & Risto Rikala: Nutrient loading of Norway spruce seedlings hastens bud burst and enhances root growth after outplanting / Abstract / Full text

Hannu Hökkä, Heli Hyttinen, Hannu Marttila, Juha Jämsen & Bjørn Kløve: Effect of peak runoff control method on growth of Scots pine stands on drained peatlands in central Finland / Abstract / Full text

Jaana Luoranen, Risto Rikala & Heikki Smolander: Machine planting of Norway spruce by Bracke and Ecoplanter: an evaluation of soil preparation, planting method and seedling performance / Abstract / Full text

Thomas Wutzler, Ingolf Profft & Martina Mund: Quantifying tree biomass carbon stocks, their changes and uncertainties using routine stand taxation inventory data / Abstract / Full text

Back Tomas Ersson, Urban Bergsten & Ola Lindroos: The cost-efficiency of seedling packaging specifically designed for tree planting machines / Abstract / Full text

Ann Kristin Raymer, Terje Gobakken & Birger Solberg: Optimal forest management with carbon benefits included / Abstract / Full text

Erlend Nybakk, Pablo Crespell & Eric Hansen: Climate for innovation and innovation strategy as drivers for success in the wood industry: moderation effects of firm size, industry sector, and country of operation / Abstract / Full text

Miaoer Lu, Pekka Nygren, Jari Perttunen, Stephen G. Pallardy & David R. Larsen: Application of the functional-structural tree model LIGNUM to growth simulation of short-rotation eastern cottonwood / Abstract / Full text


Review articles

Matieu Henry, Nicolas Picard, Carlo Trotta, Raphaël J. Manlay, Riccardo Valentini, Martial Bernoux & Laurent Saint-André: Estimating tree biomass of sub-Saharan African forests: a review of available allometric equations / Abstract / Full text

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