Silva Fennica : regular issues : 44(4)

44(4), 2010

Research articles

Shelley L. Hunt, Andrew M. Gordon & Dave M. Morris: Carbon stocks in managed conifer forests in northern Ontario, Canada / Abstract / Full text

Mikko Moilanen, Markku Saarinen & Klaus Silfverberg: Foliar nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium concentrations of Scots pine in drained mires in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Yongqing Yang, Yinan Yao & Xuejiang Zhang: Comparison of growth and physiological responses to severe drought between two altitudinal Hippophae rhamnoides populations / Abstract / Full text

Eduard Schiessl, Michael Grabner, Gerald Golesch, Thomas Geburek & Silvio Schueler: Sub-montane Norway spruce as alternative seed source for a changing climate? A genetic and growth analysis at the fringe of its natural range in Austria / Abstract / Full text

Timo Pukkala, Tatu Hokkanen & Teijo Nikkanen: Prediction models for the annual seed crop of Norway spruce and Scots pine in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Mats Berlin, Lars Lönnstedt, Gunnar Jansson, Öje Danell & Tore Ericsson: Developing a Scots pine breeding objective: a case study involving a Swedish sawmill / Abstract / Full text

Fumiaki Kitahara, Nobuya Mizoue & Shigejiro Yoshida: Effects of training for inexperienced surveyors on data quality of tree diameter and height measurements / Abstract / Full text

Dan Bergström, Urban Bergsten & Tomas Nordfjell: Comparison of boom-corridor thinning and thinning from below harvesting methods in young dense Scots pine stands / Abstract / Full text

Ola Lindroos, Marina Henningsson, Dimitris Athanassiadis & Tomas Nordfjell: Forces required to vertically uproot tree stumps / Abstract / Full text

Paula Jylhä, Olli Dahl, Juha Laitila & Kalle Kärhä: The effect of supply system on the wood paying capability of a kraft pulp mill using Scots pine harvested from first thinnings / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Tomasz D. Mazgajski, Michal Zmihorski & Katarzyna Abramowicz: Forest habitat loss and fragmentation in Central Poland during the last 100 years / Abstract / Full text

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