Silva Fennica : regular issues : 44(1)

44(1), 2010

Research articles

Johan Stendahl, Maj-Britt Johansson, Erik Eriksson, Åke Nilsson & Ola Langvall: Soil organic carbon in Swedish spruce and pine forests – differences in stock levels and regional patterns / Abstract / Full text

Fan Yang & Ling-Feng Miao: Adaptive responses to progressive drought stress in two poplar species originating from different altitudes / Abstract / Full text

Mika Nieminen, Erkki Ahti, Harri Koivusalo, Tuija Mattsson, Sakari Sarkkola & Ari Laurén: Export of suspended solids and dissolved elements from peatland areas after ditch network maintenance in south-central Finland / Abstract / Full text

Ruut Rabinowitsch-Jokinen & Ilkka Vanha-Majamaa: Immediate effects of logging, mounding and removal of logging residues and stumps on coarse woody debris in managed boreal Norway spruce stands / Abstract / Full text

Blas Mola-Yudego: Regional potential yields of short rotation willow plantations on agricultural land in Northern Europe / Abstract / Full text

Karin Öhman & Ljusk Ola Eriksson: Aggregating harvest activities in long term forest planning by minimizing harvest area perimeters / Abstract / Full text

Aki Suvanto & Matti Maltamo: Using mixed estimation for combining airborne laser scanning data in two different forest areas / Abstract / Full text

Sakari Tuominen, Kalle Eerikäinen, Anett Schibalski, Markus Haakana & Aleksi Lehtonen: Mapping biomass variables with a multi-source forest inventory technique / Abstract / Full text

Yrjö Nuutinen, Kari Väätäinen, Antti Asikainen, Robert Prinz & Jaakko Heinonen: Operational efficiency and damage to sawlogs by feed rollers of the harvester head / Abstract / Full text

Tomi Tulokas & Jawdat Tannous: Research method and improvement of log rotation in sawmills / Abstract / Full text

Kim Pingoud, Johanna Pohjola & Lauri Valsta: Assessing the integrated climatic impacts of forestry and wood products / Abstract / Full text

Berit H. Lindstad & Birger Solberg: Assessing national compliance with international forest policy processes – the role of subjective judgments / Abstract / Full text

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