Silva Fennica : regular issues : 43(2)

43(2), 2009

Research articles

Pekka Vakkari, Mari Rusanen & Katri Kärkkäinen: High genetic differentiation in marginal populations of European white elm (Ulmus laevis) / Abstract / Full text

Qiaoying Zhang, Yunchun Zhang, Shaolin Peng, Eshetu Yirdaw & Ning Wu: Spatial structure of alpine trees in Mountain Baima Xueshan on the southeast Tibetan Plateau / Abstract / Full text

Mats T. Olsson, Maria Erlandsson, Lars Lundin, Torbjörn Nilsson, Åke Nilsson & Johan Stendahl: Organic carbon stocks in Swedish Podzol soils in relation to soil hydrology and other site characteristics / Abstract / Full text

Mikko Räisänen, Tapani Repo & Tarja Lehto: Cold acclimation of Norway spruce roots and shoots after boron fertilization / Abstract / Full text

Jaana Luoranen, Kyösti Konttinen & Risto Rikala: Frost hardening and risk of a second flush in Norway spruce seedlings after an early-season short-day treatment / Abstract / Full text

Juha Heiskanen, Markku Lahti, Jaana Luoranen & Risto Rikala: Nutrient loading has a transitory effect on the nitrogen status and growth of outplanted Norway spruce seedlings / Abstract / Full text

Timo Pukkala: Population-based methods in the optimization of stand management / Abstract / Full text

Sandhya Samarasinghe: Exploration of fracture dynamics properties and predicting fracture toughness of individual wood beams using neural networks / Abstract / Full text

Bum-Jin Park, Yuko Tsunetsugu, Tamami Kasetani, Takeshi Morikawa, Takahide Kagawa & Yoshifumi Miyazaki: Physiological effects of forest recreation in a young conifer forest in Hinokage Town, Japan / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Thomas Gschwantner, Klemens Schadauer, Claude Vidal, Adrian Lanz, Erkki Tomppo, Lucio di Cosmo, Nicolas Robert, Daisy Englert Duursma & Mark Lawrence: Common tree definitions for national forest inventories in Europe / Abstract / Full text

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