Silva Fennica : regular issues : 43(1)

43(1), 2009

Research articles

Antti J. Lukkarinen, Seppo Ruotsalainen, Teijo Nikkanen & Heli Peltola: The growth rhythm and height growth of seedlings of Siberian (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) and Dahurian (Larix gmelinii Rupr.) larch provenances in greenhouse conditions / Abstract / Full text

Juha Siitonen, Jenni Hottola & Auli Immonen: Differences in stand characteristics between brook-side key habitats and managed forests in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Michelle de Chantal, Hannu Rita, Urban Bergsten, Mikaell Ottosson Löfvenius & Harald Grip: Frost heaving of Picea abies seedlings as influenced by soil preparation, planting technique, and location along gap-shelterwood gradients / Abstract / Full text

Ville Kankaanhuhta, Timo Saksa & Heikki Smolander: Variation in the results of Norway spruce planting and Scots pine direct seeding in privately-owned forests in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Md. Nurul Islam, Mikko Kurttila, Lauri Mehtätalo & Arto Haara: Analyzing the effects of inventory errors on holding-level forest plans: the case of measurement error in the basal area of the dominated tree species / Abstract / Full text

Arto Haara & Pekka Leskinen: The assessment of the uncertainty of updated stand-level inventory data / Abstract / Full text

Christian Kanzian, Franz Holzleitner, Karl Stampfer & Sarah Ashton: Regional energy wood logistics – optimizing local fuel supply / Abstract / Full text

Jani Heikkilä, Matti Sirén, Anssi Ahtikoski, Jari Hynynen, Tiina Sauvula & Mika Lehtonen: Energy wood thinning as a part of stand management of Scots pine and Norway spruce / Abstract / Full text

Glen Murphy, Rod Brownlie, Mark Kimberley & Peter Beets: Impacts of forest harvesting related soil disturbance on end-of-rotation wood quality and quantity in a New Zealand radiata pine forest / Abstract / Full text

Yi Pan, Yaoqi Zhang & Indrajit Majumdar: Population, economic welfare and holding size distribution of private forestland in Alabama, USA / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Bum-Jin Park, Takeshi Morikawa, Tomohiro Ogata, Kenji Washida, Mario Iwamoto, Hirohiko Nakamura & Yoshifumi Miyazaki: Physiological effects of ingesting eucalyptus essential oil with milk casein peptide / Abstract / Full text

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