Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 42(4)

42(4), 2008

Research articles

Carmen Martín, Teresa Parra, Margarita Clemente-Muñoz & Esteban Hernandez-Bermejo: Genetic diversity and structure of the endangered Betula pendula subsp. fontqueri populations in the south of Spain / Abstract / Full text

Risto Jalkanen, Sheila Hicks, Tarmo Aalto & Hannu Salminen: Past pollen production reconstructed from needle production in Pinus sylvestris at the northern timberline: a tool for evaluating palaeoclimate reconstructions / Abstract / Full text

Hilppa Gregow, Ari Venäläinen, Heli Peltola, Seppo Kellomäki & David Schultz: Temporal and spatial occurrence of strong winds and large snow load amounts in Finland during 1961-2000 / Abstract / Full text / Erratum

Thomas Wutzler: Effect of the aggregation of multi-cohort mixed stands on modeling forest ecosystem carbon stocks / Abstract / Full text

Raija Laiho, Sakari Sarkkola, Seppo Kaunisto, Jukka Laine & Kari Minkkinen: Macroscale variation in peat element concentrations in drained boreal peatland forests / Abstract / Full text

Enni Flykt, Sari Timonen & Taina Pennanen: Variation of ectomycorrhizal colonisation in Norway spruce seedlings in Finnish forest nurseries / Abstract / Full text

Ari Nikula, Ville Hallikainen, Risto Jalkanen, Mikko Hyppönen & Kari Mäkitalo: Modelling the factors predisposing Scots pine to moose damage in artificially regenerated sapling stands in Finnish Lapland / Abstract / Full text

Jaakko Repola: Biomass equations for birch in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Jussi Peuhkurinen, Matti Maltamo & Jukka Malinen: Estimating species-specific diameter distributions and saw log recoveries of boreal forests from airborne laser scanning data and aerial photographs: a distribution-based approach / Abstract / Full text

Mikko Kurttila, Pekka Leskinen, Jouni Pykäläinen & Tiina Ruuskanen: Forest owners' decision support in voluntary biodiversity-protection projects / Abstract / Full text

Matti Stendahl & Anders Roos: Antecedents and barriers to product innovation – a comparison between innovating and non-innovating strategic business units in the wood industry / Abstract / Full text

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