Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 42(3)

42(3), 2008

Research articles

Monika Dering, Andrzej Lewandowski, Krzysztof Ufnalski & Aleksandra Kedzierska: How far to the east was the migration of white oaks from the Iberian refugium? / Abstract / Full text

Hailemariam Temesgen, Tara M. Barrett & Greg Latta: Estimating cavity tree abundance using Nearest Neighbor Imputation methods for western Oregon and Washington forests / Abstract / Full text

Jyrki Hytönen & Paula Jylhä: Fifteen-year response of weed control intensity and seedling type on Norway spruce survival and growth on arable land / Abstract / Full text

Rupert Seidl, Werner Rammer, Petra Lasch, Franz-Werner Badeck & Manfred J. Lexer: Does conversion of even-aged, secondary coniferous forests affect carbon sequestration? A simulation study under changing environmental conditions / Abstract / Full text

Georg E. Kindermann, Ian McCallum, Steffen Fritz & Michael Obersteiner: A global forest growing stock, biomass and carbon map based on FAO statistics / Abstract / Full text

Saija Huuskonen, Jari Hynynen & Risto Ojansuu: Stand characteristics and external quality of young Scots pine stands in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Maria Jonsson: Live-storage of Picea abies for two summers after storm felling in Sweden / Abstract / Full text

Ane Zubizarreta Gerendiain, Heli Peltola, Pertti Pulkkinen, Veli-Pekka Ikonen & Raimo Jaatinen: Differences in growth and wood properties between narrow and normal crowned types of Norway spruce grown at narrow spacing in Southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Tuula Jyske, Harri Mäkinen & Pekka Saranpää: Wood density within Norway spruce stems / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Rimvydas Vasaitis, Jan Stenlid, Iben M. Thomsen, Pia Barklund & Anders Dahlberg: Stump removal to control root rot in forest stands. A literature study / Abstract / Full text

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