Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 42(2)

42(2), 2008

Research articles

Antti Lännenpää, Tuomas Aakala, Heikki Kauhanen & Timo Kuuluvainen: Tree mortality agents in pristine Norway spruce forests in northern Fennoscandia / Abstract / Full text

Saara Lilja-Rothsten, Michelle de Chantal, Chris Peterson, Timo Kuuluvainen, Ilkka Vanha-Majamaa & Pasi Puttonen: Microsites before and after restoration in managed Picea abies stands in southern Finland: effects of fire and partial cutting with dead wood creation / Abstract / Full text

Lina R. Steinke, Andrea C. Premoli, Cintia P. Souto & Mikael Hedrén: Adaptive and neutral variation of the resprouter Nothofagus antarctica growing in distinct habitats in north-western Patagonia / Abstract / Full text

Tuomo Kalliokoski, Pekka Nygren & Risto Sievänen: Coarse root architecture of three boreal tree species growing in mixed stands / Abstract / Full text

Riitta Väänänen, Mika Nieminen, Martti Vuollekoski, Hannu Nousiainen, Tapani Sallantaus, Eeva-Stiina Tuittila & Hannu Ilvesniemi: Retention of phosphorus in peatland buffer zones at six forested catchments in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Johanna Joensuu, Kari Heliövaara & Eino Savolainen: Risk of bark beetle (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) damage in a spruce forest restoration area in central Finland / Abstract / Full text

Claude Vidal, Adrian Lanz, Erkki Tomppo, Klemens Schadauer, Thomas Gschwantner, Lucio di Cosmo & Nicolas Robert: Establishing forest inventory reference definitions for forest and growing stock: a study towards common reporting / Abstract / Full text

Juha Laitila: Harvesting technology and the cost of fuel chips from early thinnings / Abstract / Full text

Nadir Ayrilmis: Effect of compression wood on dimensional stability of medium density fiberboard / Abstract / Full text

Ursula Schatz, Henrik Heräjärvi, Kari Kannisto & Matti Rantatalo: Influence of saw and secateur pruning on stem discolouration, wound cicatrisation and diameter growth of Betula pendula / Abstract / Full text

Jani Laturi, Jarmo Mikkola & Jussi Uusivuori: Carbon reservoirs in wood products-in-use in Finland: current sinks and scenarios until 2050 / Abstract / Full text

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