Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 41(3)

41(3), 2007

Research articles

Mika Nieminen, Mikko Moilanen & Sirpa Piirainen: Phosphorus allocation in surface soil of two drained peatland forests following wood and peat ash application – why effective adsorption on low sorptive soils? / Abstract / Full text

Florence Renou-Wilson & Edward P. Farrell: The use of foliage and soil information for managing the nutrition of Sitka and Norway spruce on cutaway peatlands / Abstract / Full text

Annika Kangas, Lauri Mehtätalo & Matti Maltamo: Modelling percentile based basal area weighted diameter distribution / Abstract / Full text

Michael Vohland, Johannes Stoffels, Christina Hau & Gebhard Schüler: Remote sensing techniques for forest parameter assessment: multispectral classification and linear spectral mixture analysis / Abstract / Full text

Ilkka Korpela, Tuukka Tuomola & Esko Välimäki: Mapping forest plots: an efficient method combining photogrammetry and field triangulation / Abstract / Full text

Tuomo Nurminen & Jaakko Heinonen: Characteristics and time consumption of timber trucking in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Heli Peltola, Antti Kilpeläinen, Kari Sauvala, Tommi Räisänen & Veli-Pekka Ikonen: Effects of early thinning regime and tree status on the radial growth and wood density of Scots pine / Abstract / Full text

Riitta Hänninen & A. Maarit I. Kallio: Economic impacts on the forest sector of increasing forest biodiversity conservation in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Selected Papers of the Workshop on Development of Models and Forest Soil Surveys for Monitoring of Soil Carbon:

Workshop on Soil Carbon (PDF)

Research articles

Mikko Peltoniemi, Juha Heikkinen & Raisa Mäkipää: Stratification of regional sampling by model-predicted changes of carbon stocks in forested mineral soils / Abstract / Full text

Björn Berg, Per Gundersen, Cecilia Akselsson, Maj-Britt Johansson, Åke Nilsson & Lars Vesterdal: Carbon sequestration rates in Swedish forest soils – a comparison of three approaches / Abstract / Full text

Thomas Wutzler & Martina Mund: Modelling mean above and below ground litter production based on yield tables / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Mikko Peltoniemi, Esther Thürig, Stephen Ogle, Taru Palosuo, Marion Schrumpf, Thomas Wutzler, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Oleg Chertov, Alexander Komarov, Aleksey Mikhailov, Annemieke Gärdenäs, Charles Perry, Jari Liski, Pete Smith & Raisa Mäkipää: Models in country scale carbon accounting of forest soils / Abstract / Full text

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