Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 41(2)

41(2), 2007

Research articles

Yildiray Lise, Zeki Kaya, Fikret Isik, Rumi Sabuncu, Irfan Kandemir & Sertaç Önde: The impact of over-exploitation on the genetic structure of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) populations determined by RAPD markers / Abstract / Full text

Sanna Susiluoto & Frank Berninger: Interactions between morphological and physiological drought responses in Eucalyptus microtheca / Abstract / Full text

O'Conor Reilly & Norberto De Atrip: Seed moisture content during chilling and heat stress effects after chilling on the germination of common alder and downy birch seeds / Abstract / Full text

Ülle Püttsepp, Krista Lõhmus & Andres Koppel: Decomposition of fine roots and α-cellulose in a short rotation willow (Salix spp.) plantation on abandoned agricultural land / Abstract / Full text

Pekka Kaitaniemi, Janne Riihimäki, Julia Koricheva & Harri Vehviläinen: Experimental evidence for associational resistance against the European pine sawfly in mixed tree stands / Abstract / Full text

Samuel Roturier, Sofia Bäcklund, Maria Sundén & Urban Bergsten: Influence of ground substrate on establishment of reindeer lichen after artificial dispersal / Abstract / Full text

Antti Marjokorpi & Jukka Salo: Operational standards and guidelines for biodiversity management in tropical and subtropical forest plantations – How widely do they cover an ecological framework? / Abstract / Full text

Ulfstand Wennström, Urban Bergsten & Jan-Erik Nilsson: Seedling establishment and growth after direct seeding with Pinus sylvestris: effects of seed type, seed origin, and seeding year / Abstract / Full text

Hongcheng Zeng, Timo Pukkala, Heli Peltola & Seppo Kellomäki: Application of ant colony optimization for the risk management of wind damage in forest planning / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto, Sakari Sarkkola & Lauri Mehtätalo: Comparing regression estimation techniques when predicting diameter distributions of Scots pine on drained peatlands / Abstract / Full text

Sanni Raiskila, Minna Pulkkinen, Tapio Laakso, Kurt Fagerstedt, Mia Löija, Riitta Mahlberg, Leena Paajanen, Anne-Christine Ritschkoff & Pekka Saranpää: FTIR spectroscopic prediction of Klason and acid soluble lignin variation in Norway spruce cutting clones / Abstract / Full text

Gökay Nemli, Turgay Akbulut & Emir Zekoviç: Effects of some sanding factors on the surface roughness of particleboard / Abstract / Full text

Lars Lönnstedt: Industrial timberland ownership in the USA: arguments based on case studies / Abstract / Full text

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