Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 41(1)

41(1), 2007

Research articles

Joanna Kosinska, Andrzej Lewandowski & Wladyslaw Chalupka: Genetic variability of Scots pine maternal populations and their progenies / Abstract / Full text

Anna-Maria Veijalainen, Marja-Liisa Juntunen, Arja Lilja, Helvi Heinonen-Tanski & Leo Tervo: Forest nursery waste composting in windrows with or without horse manure or urea – the composting process and nutrient leaching / Abstract / Full text

Ulla Mattila & Tuula Nuutinen: Assessing the incidence of butt rot in Norway spruce in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Niina Tanskanen & Hannu Ilvesniemi: Spatial distribution of fine roots at ploughed Norway spruce forest sites / Abstract / Full text

Jacqueline C. Bolli, Andreas Rigling & Harald Bugmann: The influence of changes in climate and land-use on regeneration dynamics of Norway spruce at the treeline in the Swiss Alps / Abstract / Full text

Ville Hallikainen, Mikko Hyppönen, Juha Hyvönen & Juhani Niemelä: Establishment and height development of harvested and naturally regenerated Scots pine near the timberline in North-East Finnish Lapland / Abstract / Full text

Tero Heinonen, Mikko Kurttila & Timo Pukkala: Possibilities to aggregate raster cells through spatial optimization in forest planning / Abstract / Full text

Sandhya Samarasinghe, Don Kulasiri & Tristan Jamieson: Neural networks for predicting fracture toughness of individual wood samples / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Timo Tahvanainen, Kalle Kaartinen, Timo Pukkala & Matti Maltamo: Comparison of approaches to integrate energy wood estimation into the Finnish compartment inventory system / Abstract / Full text

Dan Bergström, Urban Bergsten, Tomas Nordfjell & Tomas Lundmark: Simulation of geometric thinning systems and their time requirements for young forests / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Katja Lähtinen: Linking resource-based view with business economics of woodworking industry: earlier findings and future insights / Abstract / Full text

Heikki Hänninen & Koen Kramer: A framework for modelling the annual cycle of trees in boreal and temperate regions / Abstract / Full text

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