Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 40(3)

40(3), 2006

Research articles

Ignazio Monteleone, Diana Ferrazzini & Piero Belletti: Effectiveness of neutral RAPD markers to detect genetic divergence between the subspecies uncinata and mugo of Pinus mugo Turra / Abstract / Full text

Xuejiang Zhang, Helena Korpelainen & Chunyang Li: Microsatellite variation of Quercus aquifolioides populations at varying altitudes in the Wolong Natural Reserve of China / Abstract / Full text

Gong Zhang, Guang-ming Zeng, Yi-min Jiang, Chun-yan Du, Guo-he Huang, Jia-mei Yao, Mei Zeng, Xi-lin Zhang & Wei Tan: Seasonal dry deposition and canopy leaching of base cations in a subtropical evergreen mixed forest, China / Abstract / Full text

Pedro J. Aphalo, Markku Lahti, Tarja Lehto, Tapani Repo, Aino Rummukainen, Hannu Mannerkoski & Leena Finér: Responses of silver birch saplings to low soil temperature / Abstract / Full text

Vesa Juntunen & Seppo Neuvonen: Natural regeneration of Scots pine and Norway spruce close to the timberline in northern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Benoit Lapointe, Robert Bradley, William Parsons & Suzanne Brais: Nutrient and light availability to white spruce seedlings in partial and clearcut harvested aspen stands / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto: Height distributions of Scots pine sapling stands affected by retained tree and edge stand competition / Abstract / Full text

Marc Palahí, Timo Pukkala & Antoni Trasobares: Calibrating predicted tree diameter distributions in Catalonia, Spain / Abstract / Full text

Lauri Mehtätalo, Matti Maltamo & Annika Kangas: The use of quantile trees in the prediction of the diameter distribution of a stand / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto: Linear prediction application for modelling the relationships between a large number of stand characteristics of Norway spruce stands / Abstract / Full text

Markus Holopainen & Mervi Talvitie: Effect of data acquisition accuracy on timing of stand harvests and expected net present value / Abstract / Full text

Ann Hedlund: The attractiveness of the work is affected when production of handcrafted log houses moves indoors / Abstract / Full text

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