Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 40(2)

40(2), 2006

Research articles

Hannu Salminen & Risto Jalkanen: Modelling variation of needle density of Scots pine at high latitudes / Abstract / Full text

Andrea Vajda, Ari Venäläinen, Pekka Hänninen & Raimo Sutinen: Effect of vegetation on snow cover at the northern timberline: a case study in Finnish Lapland / Abstract / Full text

John W. McCarthy & Gordon Weetman: Age and size structure of gap-dynamic, old-growth boreal forest stands in Newfoundland / Abstract / Full text

Petteri Muukkonen, Raisa Mäkipää, Raija Laiho, Kari Minkkinen, Harri Vasander & Leena Finér: Relationship between biomass and percentage cover in understorey vegetation of boreal coniferous forests / Abstract / Full text

Sanni Raiskila, Pekka Saranpää, Kurt Fagerstedt, Tapio Laakso, Mia Löija, Riitta Mahlberg, Leena Paajanen & Anne-Christine Ritschkoff: Growth rate and wood properties of Norway spruce cutting clones on different sites / Abstract / Full text

Jaana Luoranen, Juha Lappi, Gang Zhang & Heikki Smolander: Field performance of hybrid aspen clones planted in summer / Abstract / Full text

Karin Vestlund, Tomas Nordfjell, Lars Eliasson & Anders Karlsson: A decision support system for selective cleaning / Abstract / Full text

Juha Lappi: Smooth height/age curves from stem analysis with linear programming / Abstract / Full text

Pekka Hyvönen & Perttu Anttila: Change detection in boreal forests using bi-temporal aerial photographs / Abstract / Full text

Pete Bettinger & Jianping Zhu: A new heuristic method for solving spatially constrained forest planning problems based on mitigation of infeasibilities radiating outward from a forced choice / Abstract / Full text

Tuomo Nurminen, Heikki Korpunen & Jori Uusitalo: Time consumption analysis of the mechanized cut-to-length harvesting system / Abstract / Full text

Gordon M. Hickey & John L. Innes: Monitoring and information reporting through regulation: an inter-jurisdictional comparison of forestry-related hard laws / Abstract / Full text

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