Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 40(1)

40(1), 2006

Research articles

Chunyang Li, Xuejiang Zhang, Xingliang Liu, Olavi Luukkanen & Frank Berninger: Leaf morphological and physiological responses of Quercus aquifolioides along an altitudinal gradient / Abstract / Full text

Temel Sariyildiz & J. M. Anderson: Intra-specific variation in cell wall constituents of needle age classes of Pinus sylvestris in relation to soil fertility status in Southwest England / Abstract / Full text

Ehsan Sayyad, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, Jamshid Mokhtari, Reza Mahdavi, Seyed Gholamali Jalali, Moslem Akbarinia & Masoud Tabari: Comparison of growth, nutrition and soil properties of pure and mixed stands of Populus deltoides and Alnus subcordata / Abstract / Full text

Jiao-jun Zhu, Xiu-fen Li, Zu-gen Liu, Wei Cao, Yutaka Gonda & Takeshi Matsuzaki: Factors affecting the snow and wind induced damage of a montane secondary forest in northeastern China / Abstract / Full text

Juha-Pekka Hotanen, Matti Maltamo & Antti Reinikainen: Canopy stratification in peatland forests in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Jaakko Repola, Hannu Hökkä & Timo Penttilä: Thinning intensity and growth of mixed spruce-birch stands on drained peatlands in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Mervi Talvitie, Olli Leino & Markus Holopainen: Inventory of sparse forest populations using adaptive cluster sampling / Abstract / Full text

Ilkka Korpela: Geometrically accurate time series of archived aerial images and airborne lidar data in a forest environment / Abstract / Full text

Hamish D. Marshall, Glen Murphy & Kevin Boston: Three mathematical models for bucking-to-order / Abstract / Full text

Elizabeth Dodson Coulter, John Sessions & Michael G. Wing: Scheduling forest road maintenance using the analytic hierarchy process and heuristics / Abstract / Full text

Turgay Akbulut & Nadir Ayrilmis: Effect of compression wood on surface roughness and surface absorption of medium density fiberboard / Abstract / Full text

Paula Horne: Forest owners’ acceptance of incentive based policy instruments in forest biodiversity conservation – a choice experiment based approach / Abstract / Full text

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