Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 39(4)

39(4), 2005

Research articles

Timo Kurkela, Tarmo Aalto, Martti Varama & Risto Jalkanen: Defoliation by the common pine sawfly (Diprion pini) and subsequent growth reduction in Scots pine: a retrospective approach / Abstract / Full text

Jaana Luoranen, Risto Rikala, Kyösti Konttinen & Heikki Smolander: Extending the planting period of dormant and growing Norway spruce container seedlings to early summer / Abstract / Full text

Hannu Salminen & Risto Jalkanen: Modelling the effect of temperature on height increment of Scots pine at high latitudes / Abstract / Full text

Karin Vestlund, Tomas Nordfjell & Lars Eliasson: Comparison of human and computer-based selective cleaning / Abstract / Full text

Timo Pukkala & Jari Miina: Optimising the management of a heterogeneous stand / Abstract / Full text

Raffaele Spinelli, Carla Nati & Natascia Magagnotti: Harvesting and transport of root biomass from fast-growing poplar plantations / Abstract / Full text

Lars Eliasson: Effects of forwarder tyre pressure on rut formation and soil compaction / Abstract / Full text

Ronald E. McRoberts, Daniel G. Wendt & Greg C. Liknes: Stratified estimation of forest inventory variables using spatially summarized stratifications / Abstract / Full text

Sakari Tuominen & Markus Haakana: Landsat TM imagery and high altitude aerial photographs in estimation of forest characteristics / Abstract / Full text

Eero Muinonen: Generating a raster map presentation of a forest resource by solving a transportation problem / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Jaroslaw Zawadzki, Chris J. Cieszewski, Michal Zasada & Roger C. Lowe: Applying geostatistics for investigations of forest ecosystems using remote sensing imagery / Abstract / Full text

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