Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 39(3)

39(3), 2005

Research articles

Pekka Tamminen & John Derome: Temporal trends in chemical parameters of upland forest soils in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Mika Nieminen, Erkki Ahti, Hannu Nousiainen, Samuli Joensuu & Martti Vuollekoski: Capacity of riparian buffer zones to reduce sediment concentrations in discharge from peatlands drained for forestry / Abstract / Full text

Ulf Sikström: Pre-harvest soil acidification, liming or N fertilization did not significantly affect the survival and growth of young Norway spruce / Abstract / Full text

Anna Saarsalmi & Pekka Tamminen: Boron, phosphorus and nitrogen fertilization in Norway spruce stands suffering from growth disturbances / Abstract / Full text

Jyrki Hytönen & Paula Jylhä: Effects of competing vegetation and post-planting weed control on the mortality, growth and vole damages to Betula pendula planted on former agricultural land / Abstract / Full text

Edgar Víquez & Diego Pérez: Effect of pruning on tree growth, yield, and wood properties of Tectona grandis plantations in Costa Rica / Abstract / Full text

Nils Lexerød & Tron Eid: Recruitment models for Norway spruce, Scots pine, birch and other broadleaves in young growth forests in Norway / Abstract / Full text

Saara Lilja & Timo Kuuluvainen: Structure of old Pinus sylvestris dominated forest stands along a geographic and human impact gradient in mid-boreal Fennoscandia / Abstract / Full text

Ken Olaf Storaunet, Jørund Rolstad, Ivar Gjerde & Vegard S. Gundersen: Historical logging, productivity, and structural characteristics of boreal coniferous forests in Norway / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Yaoqi Zhang, Daowei Zhang & John Schelhas: Small-scale non-industrial private forest ownership in the United States: rationale and implications for forest management / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Daniel Ligné, Lars Eliasson & Tomas Nordfjell: Time consumption and damage to the remaining stock in mechanised and motor manual pre-commercial thinning / Abstract / Full text

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