Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 39(2)

39(2), 2005

Research articles

Tapani Repo, Janne Laukkanen & Raimo Silvennoinen: Measurement of the tree root growth using electrical impedance spectroscopy / Abstract / Full text

Jianxun Luo, Yuhua Wang, Helena Korpelainen & Chunyang Li: Allozyme variation in natural populations of Picea asperata / Abstract / Full text

Steen Magnussen, René I. Alfaro & Paul Boudewyn: Survival-time analysis of white spruce during spruce budworm defoliation / Abstract / Full text

Lena Gustafsson, Leif Appelgren & Anders Nordin: Biodiversity value of potential forest fertilisation stands, as assessed by red-listed and ‘signal’ bryophytes and lichens / Abstract / Full text

Jorge Cancino & Joachim Saborowski: Comparison of randomized branch sampling with and without replacement at the first stage / Abstract / Full text

Diego Pérez & Markku Kanninen: Effect of thinning on stem form and wood characteristics of teak (Tectona grandis) in a humid tropical site in Costa Rica / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Kalliovirta & Timo Tokola: Functions for estimating stem diameter and tree age using tree height, crown width and existing stand database information / Abstract / Full text

Sanna Laukkanen, Teijo Palander, Jyrki Kangas & Annika Kangas: Evaluation of the multicriteria approval method for timber-harvesting group decision support / Abstract / Full text

Jacob Edlund & Mats Warensjö: Repeatability in automatic sorting of curved Norway spruce saw logs / Abstract / Full text

Ritva Toivonen, Eric Hansen, Erno Järvinen & Raija-Riitta Enroth: The competitive position of the Nordic wood industry in Germany – intangible quality dimensions / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, Nicholas Kruys & Thomas Ranius: Ecology of species living on dead wood – lessons for dead wood management / Abstract / Full text

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