Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 39(1)

39(1), 2005

Research articles

Veikko Huhta & Mika Räty: Soil animal communities of planted birch stands in central Finland / Abstract / Full text

Seppo Rouvinen, Anne Rautiainen & Jari Kouki: A relation between historical forest use and current dead woody material in a boreal protected old-growth forest in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Rafael Calama & Gregorio Montero: Multilevel linear mixed model for tree diameter increment in stone pine (Pinus pinea): a calibrating approach / Abstract / Full text

Lauri Mehtätalo: Height-diameter models for Scots pine and birch in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Timo Pukkala & Mikko Kurttila: Examining the performance of six heuristic optimisation techniques in different forest planning problems / Abstract / Full text

Nuutti Kiljunen: Pricing the risk of the quality-guarantee in a stand establishment service / Abstract / Full text

Heikki Ovaskainen: Comparison of harvester work in forest and simulator environments / Abstract / Full text

Torjus F. Bolkesjø: Projecting pulpwood prices under different assumptions on future capacities in the pulp and paper industry / Abstract / Full text

Antti Mutanen & Anne Toppinen: Finnish sawlog market under forest taxation reform / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Kari Taulavuori, Marian Sarala, Jouni Karhu, Erja Taulavuori, Eero Kubin, Kari Laine, Jarmo Poikolainen & Erkki Pesonen: Elongation of Scots pine seedlings under blue light depletion / Abstract / Full text

Miina Rautiainen, Pauline Stenberg & Tiit Nilson: Estimating canopy cover in Scots pine stands / Abstract / Full text

Timo Saksa, Juha Heiskanen, Jari Miina, Jaakko Tuomola & Taneli Kolström: Multilevel modelling of height growth in young Norway spruce plantations in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

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