Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 38(4)

38(4), 2004

Uneven-aged Forest Management

Preface (pdf)

Research articles

William L. Mason, Colin Edwards & Sophie E. Hale: Survival and early seedling growth of conifers with different shade tolerance in a Sitka spruce spacing trial and relationship to understorey light climate / Abstract / Full text

Timo Saksa: Regeneration process from seed crop to saplings – a case study in uneven-aged Norway spruce-dominated stands in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text / Corrected Table 1

Bernt-Håvard Øyen & Petter Nilsen: Growth and recruitment after mountain forest selective cutting in irregular spruce forest. A case study in Northern Norway / Abstract / Full text

Soili Kojola, Timo Penttilä & Raija Laiho: Impacts of different thinning regimes on the yield of uneven-structured Scots pine stands on drained peatland / Abstract / Full text

Sakari Sarkkola, Hannu Hökkä & Timo Penttilä: Natural development of stand structure in peatland Scots pine following drainage: results based on long-term monitoring of permanent sample plots / Abstract / Full text

Hubert Sterba: Equilibrium curves and growth models to deal with forests in transition to uneven-aged structure – application in two sample stands / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto & Juha Siitonen: Degree of previous cutting in explaining the differences in diameter distributions between mature managed and natural Norway spruce forests / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Arthur Groot, Sylvie Gauthier & Yves Bergeron: Stand dynamics modelling approaches for multicohort management of eastern Canadian boreal forests / Abstract / Full text

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