Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 38(2)

38(2), 2004

Research articles

Mika Nieminen: Export of dissolved organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus following clear-cutting of three Norway spruce forests growing on drained peatlands in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Olle Rosenberg & Staffan Jacobson: Effects of repeated slash removal in thinned stands on soil chemistry and understorey vegetation / Abstract / Full text

Mats Warensjö & Göran Rune: Stem straightness and compression wood in a 22-year-old stand of container-grown Scots pine trees / Abstract / Full text

Petteri Vanninen: Allocation of above-ground growth in Pinus sylvestris – impacts of tree size and competition / Abstract / Full text

Uwe Schmitt, Risto Jalkanen & Dieter Eckstein: Cambium dynamics of Pinus sylvestris and Betula spp. in the northern boreal forest in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Scott A. Weyenberg, Lee E. Frelich & Peter B. Reich: Logging versus fire: how does disturbance type influence the abundance of Pinus strobus regeneration? / Abstract / Full text

Jonny Andersson & Lars Eliasson: Effects of three harvesting work methods on Harwarder productivity in final felling / Abstract / Full text

Juho Rantala: Optimizing the supply chain strategy of a multi-unit Finnish nursery company / Abstract / Full text

Mårten Hugosson & Fredrik Ingemarson: Objectives and motivations of small-scale forest owners; theoretical modelling and qualitative assessment / Abstract / Full text

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