Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 38(1)

38(1), 2004

Research articles

Pauline Stenberg, Miina Rautiainen, Terhikki Manninen, Pekka Voipio & Heikki Smolander: Reduced simple ratio better than NDVI for estimating LAI in Finnish pine and spruce stands / Abstract / Full text

Bo Långström, Claes Hellqvist & Jan Cedervind: Comparison of methods for estimation of needle losses in Scots pine following defoliation by Bupalus piniaria / Abstract / Full text

Raija Laiho, Timo Penttilä & Jukka Laine: Variation in soil nutrient concentrations and bulk density within peatland forest sites / Abstract / Full text

Igor Drobyshev, Mats Niklasson & Per Angelstam: Contrasting tree-ring data with fire record in a pine-dominated landscape in the Komi Republic (Eastern European Russia): recovering a common climate signal / Abstract / Full text

Rebecca Ralston, Joseph Buongiorno & Jeremy S. Fried: Potential yield, return, and tree diversity of managed, uneven-aged Douglas-fir stands / Abstract / Full text

Martti Varmola, Hannu Salminen & Mauri Timonen: Thinning response and growth trends of seeded Scots pine stands at the arctic timberline / Abstract / Full text

Raffaele Spinelli, Philip M.O. Owende, Shane M. Ward & Maximiano Tornero: Comparison of short-wood forwarding systems used in Iberia / Abstract / Full text

Christina Lundgren: Cell wall thickness and tangential and radial cell diameter of fertilized and irrigated Norway spruce / Abstract / Full text

Christina Lundgren: Microfibril angle and density patterns of fertilized and irrigated Norway spruce / Abstract / Full text

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