Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 37(3)

37(3), 2003

Research articles

Veiko Uri, Hardi Tullus & Krista Lõhmus: Nutrient allocation, accumulation and above-ground biomass in grey alder and hybrid alder plantations / Abstract / Full text

Lars Rytter & Lars-Göran Stener: Clonal variation in nutrient content in woody biomass of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula L. x P. tremuloides Michx.) / Abstract / Full text

Seppo Kaunisto & Tytti Sarjala: Foliar potassium concentrations of bilberry, bog bilberry and downy birch as indicators of potassium nutrition of Scots pine on a drained peatland / Abstract / Full text

Göran Rune: Slits in container wall improve root structure and stem straightness of outplanted Scots pine seedlings / Abstract / Full text

Antero Varhimo, Soili Kojola, Timo Penttilä & Raija Laiho: Quality and yield of pulpwood in drained peatland forests: pulpwood properties of Scots pine in stands of first commercial thinnings / Abstract / Full text

Christopher Dean: Calculation of wood volume and stem taper using terrestrial single-image close-range photogrammetry and contemporary software tools / Abstract / Full text

Hampus Holmström, Hans Kallur & Göran Ståhl: Cost-plus-loss analyses of forest inventory strategies based on kNN-assigned reference sample plot data / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Oili Kiikkilä: Heavy-metal pollution and remediation of forest soil around the Harjavalta Cu-Ni smelter, in SW Finland / Abstract / Full text

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