Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 36(4)

36(4), 2002

Research articles

Mats Hannerz, Curt Almqvist & Roland Hörnfeldt: Timing of seed dispersal in Pinus sylvestris stands in central Sweden / Abstract / Full text

Magnus Lindén & Gudmund Vollbrecht: Sensitivity of Picea abies to butt rot in pure stands and in mixed stands with Pinus sylvestris in southern Sweden / Abstract / Full text

Rüdiger Grote: Foliage and branch biomass estimation of coniferous and deciduous tree species / Abstract / Full text

Gordon Nigh: Site index conversion equations for mixed trembling aspen and white spruce stands in northern British Columbia / Abstract / Full text

Annika Kangas & Matti Maltamo: Anticipating the variance of predicted stand volume and timber assortments with respect to stand characteristics and field measurements / Abstract / Full text

Heli Peltola, Jari Miina, Ismo Rouvinen & Seppo Kellomäki: Effect of early thinning on the diameter growth distribution along the stem of Scots pine / Abstract / Full text

Timo Pukkala, Jari Miina & Marc Palahí: Thinning response and thinning bias in a young Scots pine stand / Abstract / Full text

Thomas Knoke: Value of complete information on red heartwood formation in beech (Fagus sylvatica) / Abstract / Full text

Matleena Kniivilä & Olli Saastamoinen: The opportunity costs of forest conservation in a local economy / Abstract / Full text

Discussion papers

Jyrki Kangas & Ron Store: Socioecological landscape planning: an approach to multi-functional forest management / Addresses / Full text

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