Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 36(3)

36(3), 2002

Optimality Approach in Plant Ecology


Annikki Mäkelä, Thomas J. Givnish, Frank Berninger, Thomas N. Buckley, Graham D. Farquhar & Pertti Hari: Challenges and opportunities of the optimality approach in plant ecology / Abstract / Full text

Research articles

Tuula Aalto, Pertti Hari & Timo Vesala: Comparison of an optimal stomatal regulation model and a biochemical model in explaining CO2 exchange in field conditions / Abstract / Full text

Graham D. Farquhar, Thomas N. Buckley & Jeffrey M. Miller: Optimal stomatal control in relation to leaf area and nitrogen content / Abstract / Full text

Thomas N. Buckley, Jeffrey M. Miller & Graham D. Farquhar: The mathematics of linked optimisation for water and nitrogen use in a canopy / Abstract / Full text

Pedro J. Aphalo, Anna W. Schoettle & Tarja Lehto: Leaf life span and the mobility of non-mobile mineral nutrients – the case of boron in conifers / Abstract / Full text

Anna Liisa Ruotsalainen, Juha Tuomi & Henry Väre: A model for optimal mycorrhizal colonization along altitudinal gradients / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Ilkka Leinonen & Heikki Hänninen: Adaptation of the timing of bud burst of Norway spruce to temperate and boreal climates / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Thomas J. Givnish: Adaptive significance of evergreen vs. deciduous leaves: solving the triple paradox / Abstract / Full text

Discussion papers

Ian Cowan: Fit, fitter, fittest; where does optimisation fit in? / Addresses / Full text

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