Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 36(2)

36(2), 2002

Research articles

Timo Kurkela: Crown condition as an indicator of the incidence of root rot caused by Heterobasidion annosum in Scots pine stands / Abstract / Full text

Seppo Nevalainen: The incidence of Gremmeniella abietina in relation to topography in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Martti Venäläinen & Seppo Ruotsalainen: Procedure for managing large-scale progeny test data: a case study of Scots pine in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Finn H. Brække & Nagwa Salih: Reliability of foliar analyses of Norway spruce stands in a Nordic gradient / Abstract / Full text

Azim U. Mallik, F. Wayne Bell & Yanli Gong: Effectiveness of delayed brush cutting and herbicide treatments for vegetation control in a seven-year-old jack pine plantation in northwestern Ontario, Canada / Abstract / Full text

Håkan Lindström: Intra-tree models of juvenile wood in Norway spruce as an input to simulation software / Abstract / Full text

Maarten Nieuwenhuis: The development and validation of pre-harvest inventory methodologies for timber procurement in Ireland / Abstract / Full text

Perttu Anttila: Updating stand level inventory data applying growth models and visual interpretation of aerial photographs / Abstract / Full text

Pete Bettinger, David Graetz, Kevin Boston, John Sessions & Woodam Chung: Eight heuristic planning techniques applied to three increasingly difficult wildlife planning problems / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Teijo Palander, Mari Toivonen & Sanna Laukkanen: GroupWare and group decision support systems for wood procurement organisation. A review / Abstract / Full text

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